M1,4ADD/1,4andro/1-AD/M5AA cycle

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    M1,4ADD/1,4andro/1-AD/M5AA cycle

    I am 6'7" 200lbs morning weight after pissing. Been training for about 2 years now and have previously done a 1Test/4AD transdermal stack that worked out very nicely for 6 weeks. I am starting the forementioned cycle today and just wanted to keep a log. Here is how I'll be running this. I am running things a little lower than normal to see if I respond to a lower dose, if not, I'll up them, but better to see if I see results off of slightly lower doses.
    Week 1-4 M1,4ADD 90mg ed
    Week 1-4 1,4andro 600mg ed
    Week 1-6 1-ad 600mg ed
    Week 5-6 M5AA 30mg ed

    Post cycle is Nolva and I have all of the other PCT items like Pro Liver, etc..

    Diet is solid. I get around 270g of protein daily, and anywhere between 3800-4000 calories per day. I will be upping my calories while on this cycle however to take advantage of gaining more weight. Going to try go up the protein to 325g and 4500 calories.

    Last November I weighed in at about 158lbs and probably gained about 10lbs off of the 1Test/4AD cycle so most of the gains I have done on my own which has been very hard, but I've stuck with it. My body fat percentage is approximatly 12% or less, possibly 10%. My end goal is to be about 275lbs and 10% or less bodyfat and am using this cycle to give me a "boost" on my way up to that weight. I'm hoping to end up about 210-215lbs morning weight after this cycle, we'll see how it goes.

    I workout 5 days per week taking Saturday and Sunday off. I work chest and forearms on Monday, Back and triceps on Tuesday, abs on Wed., Shoulders and biceps on Thursday, and Legs on Friday.

    I am looking for this cycle to produce me some decent gains with alot of strength. I will weigh myself every morning, post piss and post my results later that morning as well as keeping track of any strength gains and any "mental" changes while on this cycle.

  2. keep us updated. you will probably want to raise the doses.

  3. tattoopierced1
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    Thursday 11/11
    Same weight as yesterday, but I didnt expect anything. I have a dull headache still from yesterday however I believe this is from eating a later lunch than normal. Although I am surprised that it hasnt subsided yet. Tonight is shoulders and biceps so I am looking forward to that, although I am not expecting to see/feel anything for a couple more days.

  4. Lets us know how your strength comes along
    Are you following a particular training method?
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    No real training method. Just using one that has worked very good for me in the past. I usually do 3 sets of each exercise 8-10 reps and do at least 2 different exercises for each body part for that day. I can go into more detail if you wish, but the frame of it is in my original post of which body parts I work on what days.

  6. tattoopierced1
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    I am going to have to cut this today. Last night I came down with the flu, throwing up really bad so I figure since I only have 2 days under my belt on this cycle, it'd be best to stop now and wait until I get over this. Question, though, since I was only on 2 days, I highly doubt I will need to go into PCT, am I correct on this point?


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