To ski-slope or not to ski-slope?

  1. To ski-slope or not to ski-slope?

    I am planning on:


    per day for a 5-week cycle. Is there any advantage to starting with small dosages, peaking for three weeks at the max dosage(above) and then tapering off again?

    It seems like it would actually hinder gains, and that you may as well go with full dosages from the beginning to the end. After all, HPTA will be shut down until all external sources of anabolic hormones are discontinued, right?

    Or, would jumping right into it cause more sideeffects than if I started out slow?


  2. Don't taper just do full dosage all the way through.. And if you are doing the nor to eliviate the hairloss thing then dump the 5aa cause it converts to DHT which will make you loose hair if you are prone to it... Talk to ya...
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  3. Keep dosages and levels consistant. Going up and down only hinders gains

  4. thanks for the tip guys...
    curt2go - Im doing the 5aa because Ive had experience with the same amount before, with no bad side effects. If I keep each PH in its own bottle, I can vary the amount of androgen in the stack, even take it out if I have to, and still make good gains from the Nordiol/4AD.
    Id like to try 1test, but 1test is the primary anabolic in a stack that contains it. If I start suffering from hair loss - Id be stuck with a bottle of T1Pro that I couldnt use.
    With this stack, Nor-diol is the primary anabolic, and the 5aa is there just for boosted strength/hardness/vascularity. (the icing on the cake!)
    Plus I need to buy it in 20g amounts, so Ill have some left over for cutting

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