Cynostane and dbol stack?

  1. Cynostane and dbol stack?

    Hi guys first time poster but long term reader an browser of threads to get advice.

    I've usually managed to sort all the information I needed for cycles by searching other threads and doing research myself.
    I'm after advice on a cycle I'm planning to run soon. A cynostane and dbol oral cycle.

    Firstly before I get blazed by old sweats and branded a newb. A bit about me.

    I'm 26 5ft 10in and have been going to gym regularly since my late teens. Lifting seriously for about 4 years now. Currently 180lbs after my last cutting cycle and about 10-11% bf. My diet is fairly bang on. I work shifts with no set lunch break so occasionally I have to bang something nasty down my neck just to get some food in me inbetween jobs. When I'm at home my diets fine.

    I've ran anavar previously twice as well as hdrol, super dmz and a dbol only cycle, and never had any health issues. Always used liver/ heart protection, multivitamins and SERM for pct.

    My next cycle after a fair bit of research is going to be cynostane. However I've also got some dbol and was looking to stack them both. The dbol won't be anything crazy 20mg a day and the cynostane 30mg a day. I'm looking for bulking so il obviously increase my cals and protein pd.
    I'm after advice on Building the cycle itself so I can get everything in place before I start cycle. I'm after decent ai to run in my cycle I've used phf 6 bromo in the past but always post cycle. Is it going to be wise to run an ai alongside the dbol and cynostane? Or just in pct with the nolva? And if so can anyone reccomend a decent ai to run alongside.

    Cheers in advance if anyone can help out

  2. since you know where to get Dbol and anavar, can you run a test base? I've taken Cyano and it was awesome. SUPER dry, if you you have any shoulder, hip or knee creakiness, it will be amplified x10 but the dbol will help that. I personally wouldn't use an ai but have one on hand

  3. Cheers mate. I could easily get test to run a test base but I've got Belonephobia, which makes getting boosters, vaccinations from a nurse bad enough let alone me tying to do it myself. Daft I know. Thanks for the advice though. There's not much out there on cyno. Was hoping to run the cyno alongside to try to maximise gains of the dbol. The ai was purely for sides tbh if needed.

  4. Out of interest. How much did you gain off cyno?

  5. I think I gained around 7 lbs but bf dropped a lot as well.. this was in December of last year and I still have veins that started showing in my lower abs from that cycle.. I think I dosed at 30mgs/day for 4 weeks. My strength gains in the 3rd and fourth week were the best part.. that crazy feeling when you realize you can all of a sudden lift way more than usual. My sides were acne on my back and shoulders (got the worst during PCT) which sucks because when you're 31 everyone knows what does it, lol, shin pumps that made cardio hard and as with all steroids with me.. I sleep really crappy- trouble falling asleep, crazy anxiety dreams, and morning wood that goes all night (but that's better than teh opposite problem for sure, lol).. but all in all it was my favorite prohormone.

  6. Nice cheers mate. Yeh sucks about the acne. I take 5g of pantothenic acid a day which seems to lessen the acne abit. And makes ur skin less oily. Decent results off the cyno though il deffinatly give that a run. Did u use the Anobolic Innovations one?

  7. Nice, thanks, I'm going to try the Pantothenic acid next time I get that problem for sure. I've found that washing my back and shoulders with head and shoulders shampoo actuallyworks wonders. Cleared up in just a few days and I haven't had any problems since. Looking at the bottle I actually Legal Limit Labs Epi-Cynadrone which was a stack of Epi and Cyano with ingredients to aid absorbtion. It was sold in Complete Nutrition stores for a little while before they stopped selling prohormones. I have a friend who worked there so had a buch and gave it to me.. othewise I wouldn't have used it being that that store has a bad reputation but I gotta say it was super quality.


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