superdrol kickstart for a hdrol cycle?

  1. superdrol kickstart for a hdrol cycle?

    hey everybody looking for pointers still trying to plan my cycle criticism is welcome as long as its constructive. I have some beastdrol and i was thinking of running it at 5mg for the first couple weeks tell the halodrol starts kicking in.
    this is not my first cycle. so basically like this
    sd 5/5/5?
    nolva followed right after? 20/20/10/10
    pes erase 0/0/3/3/2/2/1
    daa 3g ed
    I also ordered formeron from black lion labs. will that be to much or should i throw that in too?
    I was kinda thinking i might do a dose of formeron every other day to keep sides down a little any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
    stats 180 5'11 10ish% bf 25 years old. training for 6 years.

  2. You want to kickstart an oral only methyl cycle with an incredibly harsh methyl oral

  3. Yeah at 25% normal dosage... Its an idea might just run the beast for three weeks instead though. Trust me i have seen worse ideas than that.

  4. Just run the beast man....the results are great and you'll spare a lot of damage to your body.....Or just be patient enough for the Halo to kick in

  5. Patients seems to be the problem i tried beast one other time and loved it. Your right though probably a bad idea.

  6. Would you throw in the forma after the nolva?

  7. Patience is a virtue.....if you want fast insane gains and a short cycle....beast. You want solid great gains that are easier on the body and a litle longer cycle...halo

  8. I would run clomid 50mg/day for 4 weeks......running the nolva along side it......Just me. If you start seeing rebound sides....Forma @ 150-200mgs per day until they subside

  9. Cool thanks man


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