My Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500) Mini-Log

  1. My Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500) Mini-Log

    Hi Fellas, it's been a good while since I've posted anything on here. A couple of years ago I was hanging out on AM all the time, so maybe some of you remember me. Anyway, there are so few actual logs on TB4 out there that I though it might be helpful if I post up my experience for others who have been eyeing this interesting peptide.

    A little background, and why I'm running TB4....

    I'm thankful that my body is usually suprisingly quick to heal from injuries. I once even tore a tendon on my right ankle that should have been a surgery fix only, yet I was back on it in 2 weeks and it healed up normally in less than 3 months. However, this time the situation with my left knee looks like it's trying to stick around. I'll go into more specific details about my knee on my next log entry.

    I was considering some other peptides (cjc-1295, igf, etc) when TB4 caught my eye. Being my usual self, I spent quite a while researching it. Medical journals everywhere show a tremendous potential for this peptide, yet there is a major lack of practical "real world" logs on it, and half the logs that do exist seem to be affiliated with peptide suppliers. I almost passed it up for that reason....but something kept pushing me to give it a shot (pun intended) so here I am. On the good side, I have yet to see a single medical article on a negative side effect, even at high doses. It either worked, or it didn't.

    My remaining concern was, and still is if I've procured actual TB4. I became leery of the original supplier I was going to use after doing some background research, I eventually ended up going with a supplier that coincidentally is an AM sponsor. I'm not sure of the rules for posting research chem suppliers, so I'll leave the name out for now. It was more expensive from them, but I felt more comfortable.

    I work long hours, I'm on the tail end of a nasty divorce and I have two young kids, so spare time is scarce. I'll try to keep my log updated weekly.

    My plan is to run 6-8 weeks @ 4mg/week split into an injection on Mondays and Thursdays. I also take a large number of supplements which I can list later.

    Today around lunch time was my first injection. I'm using 1cc/1ml 30ga slin pins and pinching a fold of skin near my knee for the subq injection. Everything went smooth and now at 10pm there's no redness or swelling at the injection site. Data I read states that it's not necessary to pin near the injury site, but I thought, what the heck, it can't hurt.

    Well, gotta go for now....

  2. Keep us posted

  3. Today (Thursday) I just did my 2nd injection for this week. Everything seems fine so far since my first injection. No redness or swelling ever developed around the site. I have to say, I used to cringe at the thought of pinning something (just a silly mental thing about needles, nothing to do with perceived pain) but I'm already used to it. It was really no big deal.

    Most reports indicate that the effects become noticable around the 3rd week (given the peptide is legit, or course).

    I'm at work and don't have time to go into the details for my knee yet, but I'll try to get back on later tonight and do it.

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