Epi compared to halodrol

  1. Epi compared to halodrol

    Hey guys, I am planing on running my second ever cycle in a few months and I am considering epi. I had a good run with Helladrol ( halodrol clone) I ran it 50-3 days, 75, 2.5 weeks, 100-4 weeks. I had great gains and leaned up a bunch. I also had a solid pct. There is plenty of info out their on how to run the epi, pct, ect... So my specific question is how it would compare to halodrol? Anyone experienced with both your info would be much appreciated thanks. My goals are to gain strength, lean up and put on some solid lean mass. I have an open mind and would take in any sort of suggestions.

  2. For me

    Hdrol: Hungry, lean mass, back pumps, moderate strength
    Epi: Some lethargy near end of cycle(60 mgs), fat loss, lean mass, wicked back pumps, pretty good strength increase

    My vote is for epi for your goals

  3. I heard both epi is stronger and i heard halo was. I never read about any one running it that high. I was think about for. And the lathergcy on halo was the worst part. Back pump i dont think i experinced expect after a heavy deadlift or squat workout and they did last long. My strenght gains were unbeliveable so i cant imagine what epi would do. It was also hard not to cheat on my clean diet, my stomach was a black hole. Thanks for the input, much appricated.

  4. Considering your goals, epi would be the logical next step... if you were to rank PH's on efficacy you could also argue that epi is a stronger compound. I'm going to assume you're using it twice daily somewhere around 30/30/30/40/40?

    As far as comparison, h-drol is a nice multi-purpose PH whereas epi is going to be drier and concentrate a little more on strength. (maybe unfair to call it drier, but it is noted for its beneficial effects on estrogen levels. i've done 2 cycles with epi and loved both runs, i actually feel happier when i'm on it too.

  5. Epi would definitely help meeting your recomp goals.
    The problem I see with epi being many people report hair loss.
    I happened to be prone to the hair loss on epi and my hairline never fully recovered.
    Another negative I had was dry joints so pick up a joint support supplement.
    Taking all things into considered epi is good compound for recomp.

  6. I have no decided on a dosage yet. But i was think 30 for a few days and if all goes well 5 maybe 6 weeks total running up to 40. Any brads you'd recommended? I never heard that about the hair loss. I have a natural receding hair line. I also stay stocked on a combo pill with csm, msm, and glucosmine. The only thing i hated about halo, i know its considered to be dry but i held a ton of water weight.

  7. Id go


  8. Witch clones or brands would you recommend?

  9. id pick up epi elite, its usually pretty cheap.

  10. I appreciate it.

  11. How bad did it shut you down?

  12. About as much as hdrol.

    You'll be fine as long you pick up a serm

  13. Torem did wonders last time. Defiantly gonna pick some more up.


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