super noob to gear have tons of questions

  1. super noob to gear have tons of questions

    I been boxing since I was 14 im 22 now my grandma passed away so I had a year off from boxing im still lean as can be
    5-7% bf I weigh 145 I did what I could in that year to keep what I trained so hard for my goals for a cycle
    Lean muscle gains 5-10 pounds of clean weight gain more strength with better performance/explosiveness
    I been reading for about 6 months on gear absorbing knowledge in my research I have found a few roids I am interested in so here comes the questions

    Eq-the performance and stamina gains you get from it I read its ran for 10-12 weeks
    anavar-mild androgen with good cutting/definition/strength gains not many sides to it
    Tren-strength gains are through the roof (everyone seems to think its awesome)
    halotestin-strength gains are extreme but sides and shutdown are rough inevitable I read but it gives you a ripped greek god look
    I read its only ran for 4-6 weeks before competition very androgenic reports show headaches little light headed aggressive behavior
    I like what halo offers it also causes minimal weight gain 2 pounds or so im not gonna use it for my first cycle seems rough for a first timer

    My training consists of medicine ball heavy bag weight lifting 3 times a week Monday Wednesday friday I take naps after a workout to help with recovery
    I train six days a week my workout ethic is intense keep in mind I am a boxer I train for 2-3 hours I do quite a few different workouts boxing is my dream
    My diet consists of lean meats im carb heavy in the morning for the extra energy 6 meals spread through out the day so basically eat every 3-4 hours
    im a super noon to roids so advice is welcomed

    Im looking for a good stack with EQ if you have another oral that might benefit me more then the ones above let me know
    Im clueless to mg dosing I weigh 145 height 6'0 im jumping weight to 150 id be happy to get to 155.

    I wanna run EQ for ten weeks for I am a beginner need an oral to take with it I will be writing a log so I can find negatives
    Any help is good

    Eq and Tren seems to give crazy results share your experience and help a brotha out thanks!

  2. I forgot to add pct my bad im clueless what to use in that category as well nolva clomid? Over the counter help me out thanks

  3. 1. steroids are not for use by competitive athletes IMHO
    2. EQ has an incredibly long test life and can be detected if used upto 2 years after you discontinue use
    Your fastest weight is your best weight

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