Is my cycle and PCT sufficient?

  1. Is my cycle and PCT sufficient?

    Running superdrol 4 weeks for my first time, have used phs in the past just not this one in particular.
    Diet in check, clean bulk. Been lifting for 5+ years, i'm 25 also.

    On cyc: 4 wks

    superdrol 20/20/20/20
    Taurine 5g
    CEL cycle assist
    Milk thistle

    PCT: 6 wks

    Nolvadex (if i can find some...)
    Taurine 5g
    CEL cycle assist
    Lean Xtreme

    Is this sufficient for on and post?

  2. This question has been answered many times here, just search it here.

  3. could you pm me... i need a little assistance on the pct

  4. Easily found with google

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