My Helladrol/4ad RDe mini review

  1. My Helladrol/4ad RDe mini review

    Hey guys! I just finished the cycle part of a 6 week HDrol (75/75/75/100/100/100) 4ad RDe (3/3/3/3/3/3) (2 bottles worth) and my god am I satisfied. Here is my complete cycle from start to finish if interested, but needlesstosay - I feel like I definitely did it right!


    I'm presently on day 2 of PCT - and I feel like this cycle could not have gone better. I went from 193 lbs to 209 lbs in the span of 6 weeks, enormously increased all of my lifts (Went from benching 265x2 to 315x3 - with results like this across the board) and have never felt so vascular. Also, as of now, I have experienced zero sides with the exception of a little accelerated hairloss from the 4ad conversion as well as something that I might call lethargy - just general apathy throughout the day while walking around during work, but nothing that affected me in any real way. I added 10pumps twice daily of FormaStanzol at week 3 to help combat this, and I feel like it definitely helped. If something like Mdrol or pure test can achieve results more than what I gained here I honestly couldn't even start to believe how much change I could see in myself - but that's a long ways away that I try something like that! I'm definitely going to do this cycle again next spring and see if I can get my diet even more on point while doing so. Adding photos as soon as I get them uploaded from my phone, I just wish I had taken before pics, because the difference is ridiculous.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good cycle, I am actually going to be running one similar soon. How's the rest of your pct going? What supps are you using for pct?

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