Maniak cycle...suggestions?

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    Maniak cycle...suggestions?

    Hey guys, its cycle time again. I have a couple of new things I wanted to try so I am a bit confused as what to use. I want to do a 4, 6, or an 8 week cycle. The ph's in question are M14, MethylD, M5, MDHT,M1t, and ONE. The ONE I am going to definitely use cause Stryder comped it to me for feedback like a couple of other bro's here. Thanks STRYDER! I am oviously not going to use each one all at once but in different phases of the cycle. I am deciding now to either continue bulking, but more of a lean bulk or to recomp. I am looking into getting some 4ad and I may even add Clen or Trimax to the list. Any suggestions are appreciated until I finally decide my goal. I am pressed for time cause I am gonna catch the Olympia and I can't post my cycle ideas. Catch up to you later guys. -MiKE

  2. well figure out for sure what your goals are first if you're going to bulk i'd suggest m14add then m1t or vice versa whereas if you aren't interested in bulking i'd drop the m14add and concentrate on the mdht
    or maybe something completely different than what i said lol
    anyway what are your definite goals?

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    I wanna LEAN bulk! I don't care about water weight since you are obviously stronger when you hold a little water. I decided on a lean bulk. Obviously diet will have to be in check for minimum fat gain but definitely a lean bulk.
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    Anybody wanna comment...I have decided to use the ONE and I wanna go on a lean bulk. I just ordered some M,14ADD. I still wanna implement the above supplement said supplements. Just let me know if you have any ideas guys.

  5. i'd set it up like this
    wk 1-4 120 mg m14add
    wk 1-8 ONE (i'm not sure how much 1-test and 4-ad is in there i don't know anything about this product)
    wk 5-8 mdht 70ish mg

    you should get some great lean gains (although you may hold some water while on m14add, it should all come off with the mdht)

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    I had something similar but with smaller doses at first. The one might last me a month and is only 1Test. Was wondering if I should kick start the cycle with some M1T? What would you change if the ONE only lasts ABOUT 4 weeks?
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    I am bumping this one because of my last post (ONE will only last like 4 weeks).

  8. alrighty if you're using the m14add i see no need to use m1t as well
    hmm well would you be willing to buy more 1-test and add in 4-ad?
    that's what i would do
    1-test lethargy kills me and my libido goes straight to hell
    4-ad cures both
    1-4 m14add 120mg
    1-4 ONE (at whatever dose it has)

    i suppose you could run the mdht at the same time although you'd be stacking methyls and i don't particularly like that
    if it were me i'd really buy more 1-test and add in 4-ad

  9. run
    too many methyls involved I know.
    doses are hard to say with more info on you. I use other people weights, doses and experience and then go a little more because it takes a lot for me to notice ph.

    just my 2cents
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    Thanks guys. I am most likely leaning toward Glenihans last post and might do it exactly how he layed it out or I might just cough up some dough and buy some more 1test and 4ad and run it like that. The only difference will be that I am not sure whether to run the MDHT during the whole cycle, during the last 2 weeks, or by itself for like 2 weeks to see what it is capable of? Any feedback appreciated and thanks for all the feed back already guys.
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    What about jumpstarting it with M1T for 2 weeks??????

  12. i personally don't see the need
    m14add converts to dbol which is already used to jump start cycles
    i'm not sure of the liver toxicity of m14ad, but m1t is incredibly toxic and i wouldn't run it with another methyl

  13. You have m5 so run 4 weeks of one with 4 weeks of m14add, and finish with two weeks of high dosed m5. I personally would get enough to bump it to 6 weeks, for a total of eight instead of 6.

    1-6 m14add at 120
    1-6 one (at whatever you decide) atleast 200mgs
    6-8 m5 around 100mgs

    I don't suggest mdht unless you plan on running it for a lot longer around 6 weeks, and stacking mehtyl's . . . well you know.
    Good Luck

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    I just added GF juice and it is horrible!!! Anyone know of a way to make it more palatable? What about Bioperene? Has anyone tested it out? I would rather swallow a pill than deal with GF juice!!! Also, do I take the tabs right after the GF juice or do I wait a half an hour? Same question with the Bioperene? Interesting side note, which may or not be related,....I waited about a half an hour and took my M14 adn some Melatonin last night (which normally doesnt make me that tired), and when I woke up it was like 10hrs later!!! It was a DEEP sleep and I wanted to stay there! May be a coincidence but will try it again tonight.


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