Need experienced users opinions please.

  1. Need experienced users opinions please.

    I'm 25, 180 lbs at about 8-9% body fat at 5'8". I've been training for years and did powerlifting for awhile before switching back to bodybuilding the past year. I have a solid knowledge of nutrition and implement a strict diet into my programming. I've had anabolics on the mind for a while and the only reason I'm hesitant to take the plunge is that I'm not totally sure I've been able to reach my genetic potential naturally. I'm endo-mesomorphic and have been able to gain weight fairly easily, but in recent years I haven't been able to gain a whole lot in the off season. So with some encouragement from my training partners I'm thinking about running test cyp and equipoise for 12 weeks in conjunction with arimidex and pct of hcg and nolva. I'm very serious about my training, but I guess my question is am I ready? I feel confident that I am, but I'd like some input from experienced users on whether or not I should. Thanks in advance guys.

  2. What's your question exactly?

  3. Judging from the information I provided do you think I'm ready for anabolics. Ultimately I'll decide what's right for me, but some advice from experienced users goes a long way.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cmaestas10
    Judging from the information I provided do you think I'm ready for anabolics. Ultimately I'll decide what's right for me, but some advice from experienced users goes a long way.
    Well it's obviously up to u but based off your stats, age, I would say go for it. Couple suggestions though one is you should prob just stick to test maybe an oral kick start if u want. Reason being running multipe compounds u wont know how your body will react. Also hcg is used during cycle not with pct.

  5. yeah dude, first figure out what ur goals are. then you can decide on what to run. then figure out if your cool with jabbing a 1 inch needle in to your body then figure out how often you are comfortable with jabbing said needle into your body. i would hold of on the EQ. i think test and some kind of oral(depends on goals) may be a finisher too. but with the right diet test will rip you up.

  6. I'd like to get to about 195 in contest condition. So I'd need to gain between 15-20 of lean mass. I read about eq and it's properties sounded attractive but now I'm thinking a test solo run might be a good start. Thoughts?

  7. if your really at 8% bf i would run test e for 12-14 weeks and 8 weeks of anvar. at 8% you would really see the benefits of anvar

    or testp run 75mg ed for8-10 weeks, and anavar at 75-100mg ed

  8. I considered anavar but it's expensive as hell. I wouldn't be able to get enough for awhile.

  9. you could run winny, or Epi. those are cheaper options. but if you do that i personally would run TEst e with a 4 week bulker and then a 6 week finisher. that might be to much for a first cycle.

    test e 500mg a week, weeks 1-12
    epi weeks 8-14

    that would be ur best bet. but gaining 15-20lbs and being competition ready are 2 toatally different cycles. just get your diet in check and with alot of work you could reach your goal

  10. What's epi? Sorry man still new to all this terminology. I understand the difference in the cycles. Just saying that's my ultimate goal at the moment.


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