rpn havoc cycle......help please

  1. rpn havoc cycle......help please

    Im planning on running a rpn havoc cycle for 4weeks as follows...

    Rpn havoc 30/30/30/30
    liv 52

    Test booster (open to suggestions on a test booster that would compliment my cycle as i havent chose one yet)

    Also i have a weeks worth of megavol/superdrol left over from a previous cycle would it be worth my while taking this alonside or anytime during my havoc?

    just wanting a quick look over really to see if im missing anything.


  2. Bump.....


  3. There are a ton of logs with information in them to tell you what others are doing and what you should do as well:

    Here's mine:

    Here's Another:

    And Another:

    If based on what you see you still have questions, then ask. Epi's good Sh!t, good luck!

  4. Cheers mate.....appreciate the help.

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