Pulsing advice epi or pmag

  1. Pulsing advice epi or pmag

    Hey guys I am looking for some advice to prepare a pulsing cycle, looking at doing either pmag epi or havoc, any advice on best pulse 3days a week vs 4on 3off method or any of the many others? Also has anyone used competitive edge labs ep stane? It's dosed higher than any other I've found at 15mg per cap in a 90cnt bottle, seems like a great deal. This will be my second cycle first was halodrol I'm 5'8 172ish on a good day 168/9 on a bad

  2. IMO none of those compounds lend themselves to pulsing. Possibly Epi/Havoc but I wouldn't do it. If your going to pulse you need something that is powerful and kicks in very quickly like Superdrol clones.

  3. Are you suggesting epi and havoc, or one or the other?

  4. Are you suggesting epi and havoc, or one or the other?

  5. I mean there are plenty of thressc about pulsing with epi

  6. Epi and Havoc are the same compound.... There might well be documentation of people pulsing those. I just dont think you will get good results. It is a relatively mild compound. IMO if you are gonna run it, just RUN it. Superdrol lends itself to pulsing because it is very potent. Not many orals even come close to sdrol's potency.

  7. Yea i realized that as soon as I posted it, what's your opinion on the toxicity
    Levels of epi vs halo

  8. I think it depends more on the individual... but in my opinion, halo is less toxic. I love the stuff. Epi gives me BP issues, but I seem to be the exception rather than the rule in that regard.


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