Powerdrol stop after one day?

  1. Powerdrol stop after one day?

    Hi all! I'm
    New here I'll start by saying what's up! Lol well I have always browsed this bored but I guess I ha viewed it to many times and it made me sign up so I did*

    I have done 2 cycles prior to this so I understand the basics. First was halotest second was p mag and trenezone. This time like the second, I am stepping it up a bit more and going to do powerdrol and stano 200.*

    Now I'm set I've got all my stuff but my question is more of to ask an oppinion. Tonight was my first night on the powerdrol and stano. Only doing 20 mg and 800mg stano to Ohhh when I went in to the gym i was an idiot and was rushing because I have to work early tomorrow and I didn't warm up properly;( I hurt my right peck a bit I think it'll be fine in about a week just strained it, *but I stopped working out and went home. *Now does anyone know if it'll be safe to just to stop, hold off on my cycle till next week when I can work out to my full potential again. *I have pct (rats) that I can take for a week.. Or should not risk it stay on an avoid my chest work out for a week or so.. I only been on for today. 20mg power and 800stano.. What do y'all think ?*
    Thanks I would just like other opinions, also this is my 3rd cycle I'm not a pro and I will listen to you all that have more experience than me. I never strained anything before on my previous cycles so let me know

    Thanks guys!

  2. Anyone???

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