first time user...need info

  1. first time user...need info

    Just stated my ffirst cycle ever. Taking .05 of tren ace and .05 of prop every other that a good start

  2. Tren is a terrible compound for a first cycle. Prop is perfectly fine, if you like stabbing yourself daily.

    Numbers without units are meaningless.

  3. Also I wouldn't start with test p. 75% chance it's gonna hurt like a bitch.

    Also, what is your pct?
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  4. How about test e or c and maybe a dbol kicker? Also age, stats and training history

  5. man first cycle would be test e/cyp with a clean diet

  6. 33 years of age. .05cc of both basically doing it every other day I'm at 218 lb been doing this cycle for two weeks now. Hitting the gym hard. What would be a good pct?

  7. dude tren for a 1st cycle is gonna **** u up if u dont even know what pct you should run

  8. How did you end up with that combo for a first cycle? Also, you dont know what your PCT is going to be? Doesnt sound well planned out. Good luck though

  9. A buddy of mine told me it was a good cycle. Im new at this that's way I need some input.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by draco 818 View Post
    A buddy of mine told me it was a good cycle. Im new at this that's way I need some input.
    testosterone only. Prop since you have it. Tren, like the others have said, not so good for first cycle.

  11. Thanx you guys...still have plenty of tren should I stop using it? Was told to go on for 8weeks so far I've been on it for 2weeks, also still have plenty of prop.

  12. Why don't people ask about these things BEFORE they start cycles?!


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