Please critique my cycle

  1. Talking Please critique my cycle

    Sup y'all,

    Just wanted to see what everyone thinks about my cycle.
    Week 1-4: 20mg M1T, 4squirts of 4AD transdermal
    Week 3-4: 40mg M5
    Week 4-8: PCT Nolva

    Tell what you guys think...

  2. how many mg's are in 4 squirts of your 4ad?
    you'll just start to feel the 4ad at the end of week 2 beginning of week 3 so i would run it for 6 weeks
    have you run m1t before? if not start a lower dose to see how you react
    also 4 weeks of m1t is a lot and very harsh on your liver and system
    i would run:
    wk 1-2 m1t 10mg
    wk 1-6 4ad trans 300 mg
    wk 5-6 40-60 mg m5aa
    wk 7-10 nolva 40/40/20/20

  3. thanks for the reply....

    this is my 2nd round of M1T
    My 1st cycle consisted of M1T, 4AD transdermal, and Nolva for PCT.

    This time around i wanted to add M5 to the stack. Has anyone tried stacking M5 with M1T? would i have to reduce the dosage of M1T while on M5?

  4. i wouldn't stack any other methyl with m1t while taking m1t i wouldn't take them concurrently

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