Critique my First Cycle!

  1. Critique my First Cycle!

    Hey guys, new to this great board. I've been reading it for a few weeks though, awesome people! Ok here's the skinny, I'm 21, been lifting since I was 17. Started out casually, got very serious last 1.5 years. Started out at 140 pounds @ 6'2, and managed to hit 230 pounds naturally at my peak 3 months ago. Since I've had the OT flu twice, got food poisoning, and broke my arm. Needless to say, I've lost a ****load of muscle Got down to 200 lbs.. then I started to gain some weight again slowly, I'm at 210 right now, way less fat this time. Just started benching again 6 weeks ago since my wrist was ****ed from when I broke my arm before. Anyhow, the last 2 months I've had chronic lower back pain that just won't heal up, it's been pissing the **** out of me. I can't squat/dead/clean/snatch/etc due to my lower back acting up. The thing heals, slowly, but I also train for track extensively (4x a week) and throw hammer, which is preventing it. Also my workouts tend to be rather intense, and I'm never fully recovered for my workouts, and I'd rather be fresh each time. I've been thinking about doing AS for a few months now, and have done my research. I've made the decision to do my first cycle. What I need help with is the design of my first cycle!

    Here are my goals:

    - Lose 10lbs+ of fat
    - Gain muscle (don't care how much, I'd be happy with 10lbs. I'm not really looking for a massive gain of like 20+lbs, but hey if it happens I won't complain LOL!).
    - Help accelerate the healing of my lower back.
    - Be able to work out all-out 4x a week.

    Here is the current cycle (I'm thinking of):

    Weeks 1-10 Test Cyp Inject 250mg 2x/week (the staple)
    Weeks 1-4,6-10 Winny Oral 50mg EOD (help w/ power/strength and prevent water gain)
    Weeks 1-10 Arimidex Oral .25mg EOD (help prevent bloat/gyno/sides)

    PCT: Nolva/Arimidex.

    Caloric intake: ~5k cals, 550g carbs, 400g protein, 100g fat (hopefully less fat!). This is just an estimate, I'll eat more if im still hungry lol. I eat ~2.5-3.5k calories right now, at least 200g protein/day.

    Height: 6'2 / 210 lbs, BF 11%?
    Lifts: 215lbs bench, 315lbs front squat, 435x3 half squat, 420 deadlift, 250lbs hang clean, 160lbs close-grip snatch.

    Here are some pics. I'd like to develop my chest a lot more, and lose some BF. A lot of my BW is in my legs/arms/back (I throw weight/hammer). I also do a lot of jumping/sprints. I'm mainly fast twitch fibre.

    So, any thoughts guys? Let me know. If you guys can suggest perhaps some other AS that would aid me in my goals, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

    P.S. - Measurements are 32" waist, 42" chest, 51" around shoulders, 16" neck, 7" wrist, 13" forearm, 16" biceps, 17" calves, 26" thighs.
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  2. Any ideas for my cycle guys?

    I was thinking of adding DBol first 4 weeks, 50mg prior to every workout, and winny near the end, but I'm concerned with how much water I'll gain on DBol. Any ideas?

    I gain weight very easy btw. Went from 205-228 naturally in 3 months, I wonder how it'll be on AS..

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