alright guys im starting my first cycle, i am also a football player getting ready for camp. im taking 2 cc of test cyp per week, (on second week) and ill start dbol next week, thinking maybe taking 50 mg a day of that. will this be good or should i up one or both, i want to get anavar but cannot find any. i had the option of anadrol 50 instead of dbol but felt those are probley too dirty for what i want to do. im also taking i3c pills 600mg per day

other info on me im im 22 years old 6'5 295 lift 5 days aweek for the last 4 months. two body parts per work out twice aweek. run about a mile a day 4 days a week or more mixed in with some sprints. my diet is not great (college student) i do get enough protien tho and carbs, im trying to eat cleaner but it is a work in progress

i was done with football for the last year and ahalf then i received a call from the coach at my college 2 weeks ago and said he heard i used to play and my other college and wanted to see if i was interested in coming to camp to see if i could compete for a spot. i accepted. so after this i decided to do a cycle to ready me for the beating of camp because of the short notice.

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.