Cycle help please

  1. Cycle help please

    I'm 23 and 5'7 and around 175. I tried tren not long ago and got
    sick for days and decided to end it. I'm finally starting a well researched first complete cycle.
    Im confident but want the ok from more experienced guys.

    Week 1-12 test prop at 50mg ED
    week 1-6 tren ace at 70mg ED
    week 3-9 mast prop at 70mg ED
    week 1-6 prami at .25mg


    Clomid 100 for 15 days and then 50 for 15 days
    Tamox 40 for 15 days and then 20 for 15 days
    tribulus OTC test stuff I haven't gotten yet

    Is this ok and g2g?? Thanks for any help

  2. Well researched?

    If that mistake with teen was your first cycle, then this upcoming cycle should be super easy

    Wk 1-12 500mg test E
    Wk 1-4. 50mg DBOL

    proper PCT

    Very easy for a first time cycle bud

  3. Thanks bro

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