Super DMZ gyno

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    Super DMZ gyno

    im on week 2 of my cycle. on week 1.5 i started noticing puffness and itchness around my nipple area. so i started taking nolvadex (20mg) and started taking e-control 3 caps a day and will continue doing taking e-control until the cycle is over and stop taking the nolvadex and use it for pct. i just started the e-control and nolvadex for 2 days now and it somewhat looks like its going away. need advice on if im on the right track?

    -super dmz 2 caps a day
    -advanced cycle support 2 caps a day
    - e-control
    -ultra t-male

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    thats crazy man, I stacked super dmz <3cap> and decadrol <4caps> and didnt have any sides, took econtrol on week 4-8 and one week of nolva just because. Next time post a pic, alot of the time its all mental. hope your doing better brotha.
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    What were the final results of your cycle? How was getting over the gyno? Im currently running SDMZ 2.0 right now.

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