Started off 145 lbs. took JACK3D Supplement, saw increase in strength but no visual gains. 3 months ago, may 2012 i started RAPTOR as my first Cycle. Stop after 1 month on it and began a pct which i am still currently on for another 2 weeks. After taking RAPTOR i saw great gains and strength, i also gained 15 lbs to where i am now, 160. My goal is to be 180 pounds. My main questions for this thread being, since i am only 20, what would you recommend as my 2nd cycle to see some more gains? thanks for your input it is appreciated. thanks!

  2. Dang man, you skipped the appetizer and went straight for desert... Well, a couple options now. Being that your still not even 21 and your still developing I would say if your dead set on using another ph, go with Helladrol or Epi. I'd recommend trying be natural for the rest of the year atleast, and take a natty test booster. If your going that route, you can try A-HD and SOLID stack by bpi, throw in some animal Paks for some DAA and that'll be safe. In the end though, your training, diet and lifestyle (and sleep) are gunna be the big factors, supplements are like 10 to 20% of the factor, gotta make sure the other 80% is on point.

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