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    I'm new to this forum and actually the "darkside"of bodybuilding and atheletism :P. I'm almost 19 years old,176 cm tall,around 100 kg weight,I finished my bulking phase but it was somewhat long and I added extra fat on my body. I want to run a cycle soon to help me with my cutting phase and give me "a boost",I know that I will get feedback that I'm young and my test is already high But I have been doing research on AAS and similar stuff in the past months more than the research I did in my whole education carreer.Anyways This is the cycle that I have in mind and I would appreciate help and comments:

    Anavar 50 mg ED for 4 WEEKS.
    Proviron 50 mg ED for 4 WEEKS.
    Creatine 10 g ED for 4 WEEKS.
    Animal Omega 1 PAK ED for 4 WEEKS.
    Nolvadex 40 mg ED 1st WEEK,30 mg ED 2nd WEEK,20 mg 3rd WEEK.
    Clenbuterol:40 mcg ED 1st WEEK,60 mcg ED 2nd WEEK.
    Natural testosterone booster supplement & HGH:3 WEEKS.
    Creatine 10g-20g ED 4 WEEKS.
    Animal Pak 2 PAKS ED for 22 DAYS.
    Animal Omega 1 PAK ED for 4 WEEKS.
    Saw Palmetto Extract Supplement.
    Liver Protection:
    Liv52 Pre-During"Intra" and Post Cycle.
    I know that many of you will say that test always as a base but I have my reasons to not do test alone or test with anavar now and the reasons are:
    1-To run testosterone alone that needs many weeks and more suppresion on my HPTA while anavar is only 4 weeks.
    2-Test alone vs Anavar Alone Test will have more suppresion on my HPTA than anavar and remember as I stated above testosterone will need to be taken more than 4 weeks to see effects unlike Anavar.
    3-I don't know how to inject and I can't find someone to do it for me.
    4-to make things short,I'm not ready for injections at this time.

    BTW,also many of you will say that this cycle is BS and useless but I have proof that this idea is completely false and even BS!

    BTW: I have links to forums and articles about this but it won't let me post them : / so if you want them you can contact me or something and I will email it to you .

    More Information:Weight lifting 5 days a week,cardio 30 mins a day atleast 5-7 days a week.Diet is solid and is in check"High protein,carbs around training and healthy fats only".

    And again for the people that my testosterone is high now and I can get as much benefits without anavar is totally wrong,an adult male produces between 5-11 mg of test a day and that's just like saying you can reach ronnie coleman's physique of years of hard training and dieting thats BS and a myth!

    At last but not least,I really appreciate your time so much and would appreciate any help or critique,I did tons of research to make this cycle and I have a reason for everything in it and how its put in the cycle but I wanna see the VETS advices and would like to give credits to anavar only cycles as they get bashed and are underrated all the time. Thanks again!

  2. 2 things cutting isnt that hard, and you are too young to start messing with anabolics.
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  3. Just curious as to how this cycle treated you, considering doing one very similar to it, any recommendations that you would have changed? any sides? and what were your gains like?

  4. @ GDZ To be honest with you I wasn't impressed by this cycle But I've read that some people over forums have gained 5+ pounds of lean muscle from this cycle over a short period over time which is really good but for me It didn't work well,Next time I will always listen to the rule and that is "always use testosterone as a base"then add stuff to it"! There is a big debate over the forums on how effective/dangerous oral only cycles are,but most people here agree that oral only cycle is a bad idea,l but some swear that oral only cycles are beneficial and carry good gains! Oh and talking about sides,I didn't get any sides at all,maybe a little testicular "balls" shrinkage but it went away after I'm done with the cycle and my libido now is good! Anyways I hope this helped Good luck!

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