What multivitamin is everyone useing on a Cycle . . .

  1. What multivitamin is everyone useing on a Cycle . . .

    Just trying to get some feedback on what everyone is using for a multivitamin during a Cycle . . . is Anaminal Pack still the best for the price . . will be doing a cycle of H-Drol next month

  2. any the classic debate amongst multivitamins... Animal Park vs Orange Triad vs Life Force

    I go with Orange Triad

  3. To be honest with you,I've found that using Animalpak on cycle can hinder gains a little,due to the fact that is has"Milk thistle" in it and Milk thistle is found to hinder gains on cycles,some people say it's not a big problem but I just avoid it until pct and run liv52 as a liver protection. And I also avoid Opti-Men on cycle due to the fact that it has saw palmetto in it which have been also found to reduce gains on cycle especially when you run something like proviron on cycle with it,my advice is to choose a multi-vitamin that doesn't have either milk thistle and/or saw palmetto on cycle,I hope this helped

  4. Hmm? Are u saying it becomes overkill because of already running Cycle Support which has (SP &MT)above in it?

    And y not run liv52 during cycle as extra protection?

  5. No,I'm saying that I have found that adding Milk thistle to your cycle can hinder gains,that's why I don't use any product that contains milk thistle in my cycles but you can in PCT,I'm a new member and it won't let me post links +"you can do more research on this if you want in google by typing milk thistle hindering gains or something like that"

    My advice is to save Milk thistle for PCT+I don't see any problem with running Saw palmetto on cycle if you don't use PROVIRON or any similar compound in power but I use proviron in almost 99.9% of my cycles so I avoid it.

  6. I run liv52 pre-during and post cycle it's awesome!

  7. I meant in my first post that I use liv52 instead of milk thistle on cycle not that I don't use liv52 btw and as I mentioned above I even use it pre and pct too hope this helps

  8. Yes I have heard that Milk Thistle can hinder gains however I have not read a lot on it but I will do some research but I'm still a bit leery on NOT using Cycle Assist but "to each there own" as they say. For me I'd rather loose a bit in the cycle and protect my organs as I can replace them lol . . .not trying to step on any toes here just my feelings that's all and for the massive amounts of research I have done I have found MORE using Cycle Assist or similar products during a Cycles

    As for Liv52 I waiting for my new shipment as we speak so YES I agree its a great product and could be used all year long.

    The only other thing I wanted to toss out about the multivitamin is and again this is just my opinion but if the diet is DEAD on and I agree maybe most diets are NOT but if they were then a massive multivitamin might not be necessary but a GOOD one is . .

  9. I save Animalpak and/or Opti-men for PCT,and during the cycle I use a multi-vitamin that doesn't contain Milk thistle and/or Saw palmetto,Even if your diet is in check and is good I still think you need a good multivitamin,but anyways this is just what I do and at the end of the day it's all up to you mass.

  10. Well I see nothing wrong with that and I totally agree that a good multivitamin is needed regardless on or off and all year as a matter of fact . . .but like you said it all up to the particular person and mass . . .how much and I know there is no way to accurately say for sure but in your opinion how much would you say one would lose say in pounds by using MT? . . Like I said I have read about this and find the issue interesting but not so sure I would do it myself but that is just me and and who know probably totally out in left field on using MT during lol

  11. To be honest with you,I think it varies from person to person but I don't think it will make a big difference,I read few days ago that some guy took MT on cycle and didn't notice any difference at all than when he didn't take it in previous cycles,but in my case I just like to stay at the safe side and another thing this is the dark side lol you can be safe 100% there is always a chance for some side effects but don't worry much if you are gonna take it imo

  12. can't* :P

  13. Lol!!!! This is true, well as long as Darth Vader doesn't turn out to be my father I'll sleep ok tonight lol

    And as for the MT debate well. . . I say we sit back and enjoy a beer after the cycle and have a chit chat with our livers and see what it has to say lol!!!!

    But seriously I agree that it may or may not make a difference as this is the findings that I have found as well so in the end it boils down to preference so for now my Dark Side will include my milk thisel, and feel free to send Princes Leya over before the PCT

  14. LOL!!!!!!!

  15. btw I only run Liv52 on cycle as a liver protection.


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