Age= 20 male.
Bf= 19%
Height= 178 cm
weight= 104 kg
Training experience= almost 2 year.

I am planning on my 2nd cycle for cutting and putting on lean mass, btw my diet is clean and i consume around 60 grams of carbs and 340 g of protein a day, my first cycle was ran for 14 weeks of test e for the first 7 weeks at 250ml ,and sustanon250 for another 7 weeks at 500ml.
For this cycle I am thinking.

week 1-15 50mg of test pro/ tren ace/ mastern each, eod.
week 1-15 400 mg of equipoise, 2 shots a week.

PCT for four weeks (nolvadex).

I also have Arimidex and HCG available.

Can anyone give me advise on my cycle, diet and pct?

Thank you in advance for your help.