1. Smile NEED HELPP!

    hey guys i wanna start my second cycle, ive been doing alot of research and asking around alot and this is what i came up with.

    test prop - 16 weeks, 150mg EOD

    tren ace - week 1-8, 100 mg EOD

    masteron - week 10-16 150mg EOD

    i want to run a 16 week cycle of test, and my main goal is to add some size but look lean and ripped in the end of the cycle. Im 200 pounds, 5,9, 12% bf. What do you guys this of this cycle anything i should change or take out or add? and what about the doesages? Thanks

  2. What's ur pct plan. U forgot a little info on ur plans off cycle

  3. The cycle looks perfectly fine IMO, but like Adrian asked, what is your PCT plan?
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  4. A bit much for a 2nd cycle, IMO. Prop and 8 week of Var would be a better choice.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. i was just thinking of doing clomid and novadex. Would that be good or should i do more ? and what dosages ?



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