IBE Epistane Cycle Log

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  1. IBE Epistane Cycle Log

    Hello all,
    I am 27yrs, 6ft, 200lbs, prob 20% BF. Bench 225lbs 4-6 times. Bad knee (acl a few back) so my squat and deadlift are never maxed. From 18-22yrs I lifted regularly but quit for a couple years after college. I have been back in the gym the past year solid. I took Tren Xtreme when I was 21yrs with no PCT (didnt know better) and it worked great with little sides besides bloat but I lost most my gains because of the lack of PCT and work ethic.

    On day 2 of Epistane.

    This is how I plan on doing the cycle:

    IBE Epistane: 40/40/40/40/50/50 last week depending on how I feel.
    Cycle assist, mulit, fish oil, glucosamine throughout cycle and pct

    Nolva: 25,20,10,10
    Activate extreme: 0,4,4,4,4
    Triazole: 0,0,0,3,3,3,3

    I took 30mg epi yesterday but I am going to bump it up to 40mg today and go with this for awhile as I have heard that this should be safe and effective.

    I would like to stay the same weight and add 5lbs of muscle (lose 5lbs of fat).

    Yesterday I ate 170 grams protein, low carb, also I juice a head of romaine, a cucumber, and some carrots and celery each morning.
    Will up the protein intake once I feel the epistane kicking in, for now I am trying to get about 1g of protein per lb body weight as I dont want to put on more flabby size.

    Worked out shoulders and traps yesterday, nothing to say, it was day 1.

    Nolva (serm not otc), Activate, and Triazole are what I have and would like to stick with that but if anyone has a solid recommendation on something I need to add please speak your mind.

  2. Day 2 in the books.
    Kept it at 30mg again today as I don't want to take a 4th pill and not be able to sleep, though I do not believe they affected my sleep last night.
    7:30am: small piece of chicken and two eggs with 1 epistane pill
    9:30am: Green machine (from my juicer) with my multi, fish oil and cycle assist
    10:30am: 3 eggs (1.5 yolk)
    12:15pm: Protein shake with some blue berries, 1 epistane pill
    1pm: Gym (Back and 30mins stairs)
    3Pm: Protein Shake
    4pm: Cycle assist and some chicken
    6pm: 1 epistane pill
    At 7pm I will have some chicken and broccoli

    I also snack on some lunch meat and cheese throughout the day.
    I recently finished Grad School and wont start working till September hence the free time to go to gym and eat throughout the day.

    Nothing to report in regards to the effects/affects of the epistane.

  3. right on bro, looks good.
    epi is a lot of fun, glad to see you're going for a higher dosage. i wouldnt drop below 40mg..if you're worried about sleep issues - maybe you could dose 2 caps AM and 2 caps PM. or some variation of that..

    diets lookin good

    are you planning on posting before and after pics?

  4. Yeah I will get some pics up as well as my strength on the weights.

  5. Day 3 in the bank.
    Stepped up to 4 IBE Epistane pills today (40mgs)
    Diet was about the same as yesterday.
    I hear that some people pulse epistane, meaning they use it 3-4 times a week but with a half life of 6-8hrs I dont see that being positive.
    I took 1 pill at 5am, 11am, 5pm, and 8pm. I probably dont need to break up the doses like this but it seems it would be better with my knowledge of half lives, but I must be missing something if it says you can pulse it without making your levels all out of whack.

    Anyways, today was a cardio and abs day, tomorrow I am doing chest and tri's. My schedule is usually close to this:

    Monday: Shoulders/traps
    Tuesday: Back/ Bi (This week I skipped bi's because I did extra back so I will do a couple bicep exercise with legs on Friday.)
    Wednesday: Running (stay away from the gym)
    Thursday: Chest/Tri
    Friday: Legs and deadlift.

    I am doing 20+ mins of cardio, usually stairs, after each workout and some abs every other day.

    Dont notice much in regards to the epi but this was to be expected. I figured the log would be boring for the first week.

  6. Sleep was terrible and I am sweating a ton. Will give full update at end o
    f day.

  7. Day 4
    Continued at 40mg
    About 150 grams of protein,though my diet was not as clean, ate a good amount of cheddar cheese and sandwich meat snacks, feeling bloated.
    Worked out chest. I started out feeling stronger with 185lbs on incline an easy 10reps which I usually do 8 of but when I got to flat dumbbells I was only able to do 70lbs in each where I usually do 80's at 8-10 reps. I feel like my cardio is a littler weaker as well. This may be the Epistane but I also am doing a low carb diet so it could be that also.

    Sleep sucks, only getting 6hrs a night and I wake up two or three times. Each time I wake up I eat some chicken or lunch meat and cheese. Not buying the cheese next time I get groceries on Saturday. Need to get some new protein powder and since I have heard Costco has some good deals on their powder I might try that out.

    Its morning of Day 5 right now I will post tonight. I was going to weigh myself this morning but due to the cheese and lunch meat sodium of last night I am probably holding a lb or two of water so I will weigh tomorrow morning and post.

  8. lookin good man..sucks about the sleep. i had sleep issues towards the end of my run on epi, but not right off the bat. try melatonin? 3Z?

  9. I have used melatonin in the past and felt like crap the whole next day. I took 20mg this morning and will take the other 20mg at 5pm. Hopefully taking them earlier will help.

  10. Day 5 was nothing different. Ate about 170g protein, did the bike to stretch out after my leg and bi workout.
    Its the morning of Day 6. I weighed myself and I am at 199lbs so I have lost a pound, this is probably due to doing cardio everday this week and eating limited carbs.
    I had some anxiety last night, not sure if it was from the epi, but either way it did go away.
    Will post again on monday, day 8, this weekend I wont be working out, may do some swimming though.
    No noticeable effects on strength, libido, or negative sides yet besides the sleeping/restlessness that comes and goes, but that could also be because I am not having the normal pint of beer!

  11. Day 8
    Keeping the diet between 150 - 200 grams of protein. Ate like crap yesterday, but it was Sunday and I still got my protein in, just wasn't as lean as it could be.
    I felt more pumped up this morning. The rest probably helped. I started with 60's for dumbbell military on my shoulders and they surely felt lighter than they did a week ago. I think the strength is increasing and my workouts are longer but my cardio is the opposite. I get tired alittle quicker and my reps seem to wear me out when I go light on the weights. Maybe because I am lifting harder or maybe its the Epi.
    Had the old lady take a shot of me in the swimming trunks on Saturday so I can use that as a before and will take another pic in the same trunks in a month for the after. I will post them together at the end.
    Sleep was good last night. Overall feel stronger but this could be diet and training, no overall kick in yet. Heard 10-14 days is common for it to kick in, not disgruntled at all.

  12. Subbed, curious to see what it does for you

  13. Day 9
    Just worked out Back and Bi and my strength is surely increasing, as is my workout intensity. I had to tell myself to take a break in between some sets because I just wanted to keep pushing. My weight is at 202lbs this morning so I am up 2lbs and this is with cardio 5 days a week after lifting and low carb diet.
    I felt more pumped when I woke up today but also somewhat tired and lethargic until I started to lift, then it got good.
    Keeping the diet to 170g -200g protein a day.
    Blood Pressure was 128/76 so no problems there. My resting pulse was 77 which is high for me, I usually am around 58-62, probably why I am sweating more and get tired quicker.

    Overall I would say it is starting to kick in but its not like it hits you in the face one morning. It seems to be slowly building.

  14. Day 10
    Off day today. Usually I would do cardio but my lower back and hamstrings are super sore from deadlifts yesterday. Not sure if I am sore from the DL's or its the back pumps people are always talking about but I am very sore today. Going to try and get alot of sleep tonight and hit chest and tris hard tomorrow. Not feeling much in terms of effects today.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by kenocamb32 View Post
    Day 10
    Off day today. Usually I would do cardio but my lower back and hamstrings are super sore from deadlifts yesterday. Not sure if I am sore from the DL's or its the back pumps people are always talking about but I am very sore today. Going to try and get alot of sleep tonight and hit chest and tris hard tomorrow. Not feeling much in terms of effects today.
    still early, you'll be feelin it in no time.. as you already know.

    ive never had back pumps, i always thought it was sorta a thing that happened while working out?? maybe jump on some taurine i guess.
    also man, with me, i had to get on extra joint support - as fish oil wasnt enough. i have joint issues as is, but IMO its better to get on something now, rather than wait for the issue to arise.. just my 2 cents

    chest and tri's!! wooooo!!! hell yeah brother rest up and kill that **** tomorrow!

  16. Day 11.
    Thanks Razor, i think the back pumps was just soreness from DL's, I feel fine today.
    Slept for 9hrs last night, had a big veggie juice and protein drink and killed the gym today.
    Started with 185 on the bench and could tell it was feeling light, stepped up to 205 (10 reps) still felt light, went to 225 and I did 8 quality reps with no spot! A couple weeks ago 4-6 was the max without spot so I surely feel strength kicking in. The rest of my chest and tri workout was great. Even doing situps afterwards I could feel my stomach being tighter.
    I dont feel much as in of good or bad effects outside the gym, but once I get it going in the gym I am loving it! You can tell when everything you pick up just feels lighter and its a great feeling. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and post.

    My cardio is still lacking. I believe much of it is because I am working out harder in the gym but I also feel the epi makes me get tired quicker during cardio due to my pulse getting high much quicker than usual.

    Feels like it is getting better every day!

  17. Loving this log ken ! I plan on running epi in a similar way very soon . Seems to me likes it's really starting to kick in for you . Are you still taking two pills at a time or back to spacing them out?

  18. Day 12
    Since day 4 I have been taking 2 epi's at 7am, and 2 epi's at 6pm. My sleep was bad last night, only got 4 hours, other than that no negative side effects.

    I am taking today off from the gym due to being really sore and tired from yesterday and only being able to sleep for 4hrs. I am going to do legs tomorrow instead. Weight is at 199lbs so I am actually down a lb as of today, this could be because I went back to the gym last night and did the stairs for 45minutes in addition to 1.5hr chest and tri workout earlier in the day. Waist looks leaner but upper body is looking bulkier. Going to kill legs and abs tomorrow!

  19. Hey quick question for ya bro alot of ppl start with a 20 dosage .did u build your way up or just jump right In at 40 an if so did u notice any sides starting that strong so quick

  20. No sides at all. I heard that starting below 30mg is the reason many people don't feel the kick in for so long.

  21. Knock on wood about the no sides yet!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by kenocamb32 View Post
    Knock on wood about the no sides yet!
    good **** bro!!
    ever consider running another product as a test base to keep those sides down?

  23. I think next cycle during the winter I will run test at 500mg for 12 weeks and epistane for the last 6 of those 12. For that I will have arimidex for on cycle if needed and nolva for pct. All supplements besides cycle assist I take all year round. Juicing (veggies in a juicer, not aas) should not be over looked either. My BP has actually improved on epi so far and I believe it is because I have increased my veggie juice 3 fold.

  24. Kinda scared of pinning but I am sure I'll get over it.

  25. Day 13. I worked out legs and did DL's again because I was with a buddy and two times in one week on DL is too much, my lifts were weaker.

    Day 14. Sunday, taking the day off, might go on a run but I am sore from legs and Deadlifts so I might not. 198lbs.

    So I am down 2lbs, strength up all around, 20lbs on bench for example. I am debating moving up to 50mgs starting tomorrow ( week 3), if anyone has opinions on this let me know. I am keeping the diet and cardio in rythm to keep my weight around 200lbs even while growing so I think I am losing fat.


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