Test prop dosage kcikstart cycle help

  1. Test prop dosage kcikstart cycle help

    Height 5'7
    Weight 178Ish
    age 23

    5 cycles of pro hormones under
    my belt and 3 week of tren til I ran out and used prami and clomid.

    New cycle-
    Weeks 2-4 tren
    Weeks 4-9 mast
    Weeks 1-10 t prop

    Question is that I want to start the prop higher the first week or two..
    should I do week one at 700 then go into my 350 every week? Or do 525 for weeks one and two then go into my 350
    through week ten? Any help would be appreciated. I have prami clomid and tamoxifen for my pct for weeks 11-14.
    tren is short cuz I have one vial and I want to use it.

    Also I am doing ED injections throughout the cycle

  2. What is your reasoning for going higher the first week?

  3. to possibly help in gaining the little extra mass I want from this cycle.
    To honestly not be bored taking 350mg of t prop week one alone before I start adding tren ..

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