1. Testprop/winni/masteron

    I'm about to start my first cycle back after getting gyno removed... Jw how I should run these to be safe and if I should take an AI or just run an effective PCT

  2. Depending on cycle dosage , cycle length and your history it could be a well dosed AI OR if its too long a cycle and its gonna be blasted with heavy doses of the compounds...running low dose SERM on cycle is NOT uncommon...
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  3. Thinkin about running 100 mg of prop/ masteron EOD and winni 50mg ED... All for 8 to 10 weeks

  4. Any reason for Test Prop? or just because of availability issues?
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  5. Well after having problems with gyno.. I'm thinking this one would probably be my safest bet as far as conversion to estrogen

  6. I can get anything .. I just want to take every precaution..

  7. Quote Originally Posted by binkley23 View Post
    I can get anything .. I just want to take every precaution..
    Call me Bias...I am much more a fan of going Test-E at a usual 500mg dose a week and if you are THAT concerned about gyno arimidex .5mg E3D , if bloat goes up a bit even like that, just to be on the safe side 1mg E3D of ari should be enough anyway. Keep some Letro in hand for PCT though...Anyone who is gyno prone or has had gyno removal surgery should ALWAYS have letro on hand.
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  8. I've got it... Knocks me in the dirt every time... Think nolvadex would be good to run with on or post

  9. SERM as PCT only, this cycle is not even remotely enough to need a SERM on cycle lol. Clomid would be best though...
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  10. With me being diabetic and running insulin daily.. Would that affect estrogen levels while running gear?? Just trying to get some more info


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