My first experience with the dark side.

  1. My first experience with the dark side.

    This is my first log, and my first oral steroid cycle. I'll be running a traditional 10/20/30 cycle of Mdrol. I have done my research and hope to have good results.

    A little background; I'm 25 years old, 6'6", 354 pound, and I've been lifting consistently for 4 years and I think I've been kind of good at it for a year and and a half now. Also I'm 2 weeks back from recovering from my first bodybuilding injury, a torn rotator cuff on my right arm.

    Measurements (sorry I'm taking them after my first dose and lift but I hadn't decided until today that I was running a log.)

    Body fat estimated between 25%-35% (yeah, I know, I'm a fat bastard)
    Arms: 17.25 unflexed, 19 Flexed
    Forearms: 14
    Wrist: 7.75
    Chest: 51.5
    Waist: 41.25
    Hips: 44
    Calves: 18.25
    Quads: 32.5

    I知 running this log mostly as a way for me to keep track of everything so I plan on posting exact daily food intake supp intake and my lifting log. As far as diet goes I have an outline for what I知 planning on doing, but we値l see, this is my first cycle I might end up eating a lot more than I originally planned on. Anyways, I guess here we go. If anyone has any helpful advice feel free to throw it my way.

  2. 6.6 354 pounds ? beast much ?

    we need some more activity in here got pics?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by monkeygym
    6.6 354 pounds ? beast much ?

    we need some more activity in here got pics?

  4. I was a little unprepared on food today because I accidently left my bag of brown rice in the work fridge and I知 off today, so early on diet was a little messy.
    Wake 10:05
    YAY I知 awake
    Breakfast 10:10
    This is my preworkout meal
    Supps 10:20
    2 scoops Monster amino
    1 scoop super pump
    10mg Mdrol
    600mg hawthorn berry
    Gym 11:10
    So today didn稚 really feel any different than any other day, I don稚 feel bigger or more pumped, just the same as any day. If anything I was actually a little tired, also I went really light on skull crushers due to slight shoulder pains, like I mentioned before I知 2 weeks back from a 6 week stint away from upper body lifting.
    Tricep cable pullsdowns ezbar inner grip 5 sets/10 reps/ 100, 150, 180, 200, [email protected]
    Rope pull downs 4 sets/10 reps/100 lbs
    Skull crushers 2 sets/10 reps/80 lbs, 2 sets/10 reps/50 lbs
    One arm bicep curls 2 sets/8 reps/40 lbs, 2 sets/12 reps/25 lbs
    One arm preacher; 5 reps supine, 5 reps hammer per arm per set 30 lbs
    Rope cable curls 4 sets/10 reps/100 lbs
    High isolation bicep machine FST7 30lbs per arm.
    10 minutes cardio elliptical very mild
    Post workout 12:40
    50g Iso100
    40g Dextrose
    2g Taurine
    3 pills Gaspari Anavite
    Meal 3 3:20PM
    I was basically dying of hunger because my rice cooker takes FORGODDAMNEVER so I ate these things I put the time down as 3:20 but really it was spread out between 2:40 and 3:40
    Meal 4 5:30
    Meal 5 7:20
    Meal 6 8:30
    So I feel bad about this meal, but it was preplanned with some females from work so I had to go, I tried to keep it minimal and did a pretty good job until the damn pumpkin bread came out. In the future enchiladas will definitely not be included.
    Bedtime Meal 1:10
    Supps taken with my bed time meal include
    12 g fish oil (accidently forgot to add these in calorically, so add another 108 cals and 12g of fat)
    5 Labrada Sorenzyme
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  5. Haha, you need pics? think of a white Tongan and you've pretty much got it I'm not HUGE but I'm not small, at least once a week someone will ask me which college team I play football for and daily people will ask me how tall I am. I might post pics at some point but really I'm at my fattest point right now, last August I went from my 'move heavy **** from one place to another place' job to a desk job and put on 50 pounds because 5000 dirty cals don't work as well when you just sit on your ass all day. You're not missing out on anything without the pics, don't fret.

  6. I was exceptionally thirsty all day I tried really hard to stay up on liquids which is why lots of my calories have come from milk, though I did of course still drink tons of water. Today I definitely felt tighter, not pumped all the time but the pump came easy. Lift was good, but really chest is my worst muscle group so it wasn’t spectacular. I’m debating taking an off day tomorrow, normally I take Sundays off but last week I did not so this is my 11th day in a row. So the rest of my week will either go legs, back, off or off, back, legs. I guess we’ll see how I feel in the morning. Hit bed really early today, normally I wouldn’t even be home from work by 11:30 but it was my day off and I wasn’t doing anything so I just went to bed. Additionally I didn’t do another bedtime meal since my last meal was only 40 minutes prior.
    Wake 9:35
    YAY I’m awake
    Supps 9:40
    10mg Mdrol
    750mg hawthorn berry
    3 pills Gaspari Anavite
    1 scoop cycle support
    (600mg N Acytl Crysteine, 500mg Milk Thistle, 500mg Hawthorne Berry, 150mg Grape Seed Extract, 125mg Saw Palmetto, 125mg Nettleroot, 75mg Celery Seed Extract, 50mg Idebenone, 10mg Policosanol)
    Breakfast 9:40
    Gym 11:00
    Chest day today, when I originally tore my rotator cuff a few months ago it was while doing 60 pound dumbbell incline flys so I took it pretty easy today.
    Incline dumbbell press: 12 reps with 60’s, 10reps with 80’s, 6 reps with 100’s, 15 reps with 40’s.
    Incline dumbbell flys: 4 sets/10 reps/30 lbs (per arm obviously)
    Flat barbell bench: 4 sets/10 reps/135 lbs
    Standing cable flys FST7, 60 lbs
    Decline hammer strength machine 4 sets/12 reps/80 lbs
    We finished off with some light ab work we were supposed to do cardio but my lift buddy decided we should do abs instead for some reason.
    Post workout 12:20
    50g Iso100
    40g Dextrose
    3g Taurine
    Meal 3 1:00
    Meal 4 3:45
    Snack? 5:30 I just drank another quart of milk. Is that a snack? I guess I’ll call it that. I’ll figure the calories in with meal 5.
    Meal 5 7:20
    Meal 6 10:00
    I took a bunch of fish oil with this meal because I was feeling a little ratchet-y.
    Bedtime Meal 11:30
    I actually did take fish oil again with this meal even though I had recently ingested a bunch, I just really felt like I needed the extra bit.
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  7. 99g of protein from PUMPKIN BREAD? Did I just read that correctly?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by broda View Post
    99g of protein from PUMPKIN BREAD? Did I just read that correctly?
    Haha, whoops, I put the protein and carbs backwards when I was putting it into the meal planner. My bad fellas, my bad.

  9. Today was my rest day. It was uneventful, I was starving my balls off all day and ate accordingly. Speaking of balls they seem to still be pretty normal sized. I wasn't as thirsty today as I was yesterday but I still drank a shload! Oh ps, I counted the empty water bottles in the recycling from yesterday 11. So 11*16.9 fluid ounces not counting all the other times I consumed liquids and my pee was still as golden as the sun.

  10. any chance you can accurately measure bf ?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Stroke UR Ego View Post
    any chance you can accurately measure bf ?
    Yeah probably, but it would cost money and I'm really poor because I keep spending a **** load of money on food. I'll post pics or get a true measure at the end of my log, good enough?

  12. So today I was definitely feeling big! Pump was great during the lift and all day I even felt a little pumped and just all around tighter. I need to buckle down a little on diet and get some real food cooked up, I’m drinking too many shakes and I’ve had too many cheat meals, I had underestimated how hungry I’d be when I originally planned out my diet. Also very minimal headache today but I attribute it to not enough sleep .
    Wake 8:40
    Boo I’m awake L Eff working Saturday mornings.
    Supps 8:45
    10mg Mdrol
    750mg hawthorn berry
    3 pills Gaspari Anavite
    Breakfast 9:00
    Meal 2 11:45
    Meal 3 2:30
    Meal 4 4:30
    On the meal planner there was only 7 meal slots so this meal and the Gatorade got lumped together
    Preworkout 6:30
    1 scoop assault
    32 oz gatorade
    2 scoops Monster Amino
    1 scoop cycle support
    (600mg N Acytl Crysteine, 500mg Milk Thistle, 500mg Hawthorne Berry, 150mg Grape Seed Extract, 125mg Saw Palmetto, 125mg Nettleroot, 75mg Celery Seed Extract, 50mg Idebenone, 10mg Policosanol)
    Gym 7:10
    BACKDAY! Back is my favorite!
    Started out with a high row that I like to grab the side of the handles and do hammer strength style, I keep the bench pretty high and arch my back quite a bit and it REALLY rocks the lower lats, it’s probably my favorite for lower lats. 4 sets/10 reps/ weight was 90 per side, 125, 125, 90 (on the last set I did 5 normal and then ten with each arm one armed and a with a 3 second hold at the bottom)
    1 arm isolation lat cable machine 4 sets/12 reps/ 80,100,120,80
    Lat pull downs, 4 sets/ 10,8,6,12 reps/160,250,250,200
    Row machine, it’s similar to a traditional cable row but it uses plates and is a little easier at the top of the lift but way harder at the start of it. 4sets/10 reps/105 per side
    Bet over one arm dumbbell rows 4 sets/10,8,8,6 reps/70,100,100,100 I would like to note that I felt like my left side was really holding me back on this one L My right could have done several more reps but the left was already starting to feel ****ty around 6, I really need to bring the left side up which is why I’m focusing on these and not barbell rows
    So I would also like to note that those of you who are going to give me **** for not doing deadlifts. I split my legs days, so there is a quad day and a hamstrings calves day, I deadlift on hamstrings day.
    So on to biceps, standing cable face pulls blood starvation with the rope 2 sets/ 10 reps/ 200 lbs (it’s a triple pulley cable machine so really this is a pretty light weight)
    We decided half way through that we didn’t like this for blood starvation today and switched over to one armed bicep cable curls the one where you have the cable in line with your face and pull from the side like you are doing front double biceps 4 sets/10 reps/ 60 lbs per arm
    6 sets blood starvation really kicked our ass today so we didn’t do much else
    Standing barbell curls 4 sets/ 10 reps/80 lbs (REALLY focusing on the pinch, this was killer!)
    Standing barbell curls only the top 70% of the curl so we never went all the way down. 4 sets/10 reps/40 lbs this was basically like torture.
    Midworkout 8:30
    Also this meal and the post workout got lumped together on the meal planner
    Postworkout 9:30
    Meal 8 10:30
    Bedtime Meal 12:00
    Supps 12:00
    5 sorenzyme
    2.5g taurine
    Also I took 2 benydryl because my allergies are messed today.
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  13. Very interesting log. Subbed

    Find out your bf. Are you over 20 percent ?

  14. I'm pretty sure everyone over 350 is over 20%, haha. I'm guessing around 30, I think I would look damn good in the 240-250 range. it's hard to say though, I've been pretty much bulking for close to two years, I just like to eat and lift, I plan on leaning out at some point but I've never really done it all the way. When i started lifting I was in the 370 range and fat as hell I cut down to 280, bulked to 300 cut to 280 and so on and so forth for 2 years. I got sick of the bounce back and forth, so in January of 2010 I basically decided to bulk until I was a worthwhile size before doing a real cut. Which was a good choice in my opinion I really feel like before I was over taxing my body and it was hard for it to retain size bouncing weight so much, plus i was trying tons of different stuff to find out what worked well for me. anyways, so I was 278 in January with only the top 2 abs showing, so not lean but not super fat. I bulked up to 330 over a year ish and felt really good, I had gone up a lot on strength and I feel like most of my gains were positive, I'd been keeping it clean a lot of the time, but definitely not strict. Anyways I cut a little around that time to see where I was at, got to around 300 again, then last august I got a office job instead of a manual labor job and that wasn't too good to me Anyways, there is a little background story, and I'll post pics and get some real bf info at the end of my cycle.

  15. So today I was pretty tired all day, I attribute that to only 7 hours of sleep, I also had a very mild headache around the time I was going to the gym that I’m going to blame on not enough sleep as well. Not much else to report today, my back and biceps are SUPER sore, especially the mid lats, right below the teres major.
    Wake 8:20
    Supps 8:25
    10mg Mdrol
    600mg hawthorn berry
    3 pills Gaspari Anavite
    Breakfast 8:25
    Meal 2 9:10
    So I actually ate the two donuts and milk at two different times half at 9:10 and half at 10:40
    Meal 3 12:30
    The peanuts were eaten a little after the chicken and rice, probably around 1:15
    Meal 4 3:30
    Preworkout 4:45
    Supps 5:20
    1 scoop assault
    1 scoops Monster Amino
    1 scoop cycle support
    (600mg N Acytl Crysteine, 500mg Milk Thistle, 500mg Hawthorne Berry, 150mg Grape Seed Extract, 125mg Saw Palmetto, 125mg Nettleroot, 75mg Celery Seed Extract, 50mg Idebenone, 10mg Policosanol)
    Gym 5:40
    Hamstrings calves today I started out with straight leg deadlifts, they were disappointing, the lower back pump was really painful and so it was hard to move a lot of weight. 1 warm up set 10 [email protected] [email protected] then 3 sets/6 reps/315
    My lower back was really bugging me for the rest of the workout after this. It didn’t help that first of all I had lifted back the day before but also I think I underestimated the back pumps my roommate warned me about, next time I deadlift I think I’ll take taurine before I lift.
    One leg high and wide leg press (I really like this one, I have really long legs and I feel like by going high and wide one leg at a time I can really focus on the downward stretch of the motion and it really gets the hamstrings feeling good and ready to go . Plus no ass involvement (my ass likes to always do all the work) 3 sets/8 reps/4 plates
    High and wide leg press so on these I did what me and my lifting budding call continuous reps, never quite reaching lockout and never stopping the motion 2 sets/ 15 reps/ 12 plates
    Lying hamstring curls 4 sets /10 reps/ 125 lbs
    Seated one legged calf raises 4 sets/ 15 reps /90 lbs
    Hip adductor 1 set/30 reps/200 lbs
    Hip abductor 1set/30 reps/125 lbs
    Normally I would do a few more workouts for calves and hamstrings but my lower back was really bugging me so I left early to get some taurine. I’ll probably do a little hamstrings and calves on my quads day to make up for it.
    Postworkout 7:30
    2.5g taurine
    7:30 on the protein dextrose, 8:45 on the steak and pasta
    Bedtime Meal 10:30
    Supps 10:30
    5 sorenzyme
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  16. I had a headache again today, nothing extreme but still it's annoying, I think I might start taking a steady stream of hawthorne berry instead of the large dose once.
    Wake 9:25

    Supps 9:40
    10mg Mdrol
    3 pills Gaspari Anavite
    So somehow I forgot to take my hawthorne berry
    Breakfast 9:45
    Preworkout supps10:10
    1 scoop assault
    1 scoop monster amino
    1 scoop cycle support
    (600mg N Acytl Crysteine, 500mg Milk Thistle, 500mg Hawthorne Berry, 150mg Grape Seed Extract, 125mg Saw Palmetto, 125mg Nettleroot, 75mg Celery Seed Extract, 50mg Idebenone, 10mg Policosanol)
    Gym 10:20 today was a quick lift but intensity was high and I feel like shoulders will be wrecked.
    Standing lateral raises superset with front raises 4 sets/12 reps/30 lbs
    Push pulls 4 sets /10 reps/115 lbs
    Reverse fly machine 4 sets/10 reps/60 lbs
    Machine shoulder press 4 sets/10 reps/150,180,200,150
    Barbell shrugs 4 sets/10 reps/225,225,135,135
    Standing shrug machine (I don’t like this one but my lifting buddy does so whatever)
    4 sets/12 reps/180lbs
    Postworkout 12:00
    The gatorade was a little later, probably 1:20 ish
    Meal 3 2:30
    Meal 4 5:20
    Meal 5 7:30
    Meal 6 11:00
    Bedtime Meal 11:30
    Supps 11:30
    5 sorenzyme
    2g taurine
    600 mg hawthorne berry
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  17. Oh I forgot to mention, today i was going to try to clean up diet a bit, but i ended up under cals which made me cheat on some nasty ass mcdonalds on the way home from work. Tomorrow I'm going to sit down and really look at my meal planning and find a way to get the cals in cleanly, it's just so hard to eat over 4k without getting dirty.

  18. So I'll update you all on my ****ty last two days tomorrow morning. But for now here is a picture of my bloated left arm.
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  19. Looks like an incredibly well-researched log man, keep it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  20. Full body pic ( hide face if you want )
    Shirt or shirtless I just Want to see the beastness


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