Hey guys, thanks for taking time to check out my current cycle..

I have started an Oral Turinabol Cycle by Primordial Performance 8 days ago, I am just making sure that my cycle set up is 100% perfect, with the help of you vets..

2 weeks prior to the start of my cycle, I preloaded Cycle Assist by AI

On Monday 6/18, I started my cycle @ 60mg Turinabol per day, splitting the dose into 2 equal ones, AM & PM

My cycle plan looks like this... OT @ 60/75/75/75/75/75

PCT will be started the day after, it consists of D-POL and a natty T booster with nolva @ 20/20/10/10, I will also throw in EFX Kre-Alkalyn to try and help me hold onto my gains.

The supplements I have been taking during my cycle are...

ON 100% gold standard whey
Multi Vitamin
Fish Oil
AI cycle assist (spaced 4 hours after 1st dose everyday)
USPLabs Modern BCAA intra workout

My diet is very very clean, I began this cycle weighing in at 201.2 lbs and that is the most accurate weight, kept track every for a week prior. My B.F. % is ~14%. I am looking to drop B.F. while increase lean mass, but mostly looking to cut up a bit, any gains will be purely an extra plus.

Diet: Carbs 150g/day
Protein 250g/day
Fats ~50g/day

Training Split:

I am currently 8 days into my cycle and I am feeling great, I am definitely experiencing noticeable testicular atrophy and slight increases in weight and vascularity as well as slight strength gains....

Anyone who helps, it is greatly appreciated, thank you.