How to run SD with low dose HRT

  1. How to run SD with low dose HRT

    I'm a 49 y/o male, latest blood work showed test at 330. Doc is putting me on 200 mg test cyp and 100 mg deca per week. I also have a bottle of SD. If I'm on the HRT indefinitely and want to run SD as well, what would be a good plan? Pulse the SD? Low dose the SD at 10 mg/day for 6 weeks or so? If I'm still on the HRT, do I even do a PCT after finishing the SD? I could also double up on the injectables, do a 12 week cycle, start the SD at 8 weeks in, then come off everything for a while and do PCT.

    Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I am pretty ripped right now, have visible abs and veins in my lower abs. People are shocked when I tell them my age. Don't want to get bloated or "gain 20 lbs." I guess this would be a recomp. I eat super clean, 2000 cal per day, about 260 gm protein per day, the rest from veggies and low glycemic carbs. Been training 30 years, have done several AAS and PH cycles over the years. Thanks.


  2. Give it some time after starting TRT to get your dose dialed in and bloodwork where it should be. Then you can start thinking about running something additional.

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