just ended dmz cycle

  1. just ended dmz cycle

    Man, I hated that it has come to an end. The cycle treated me right with minimal sides. Just wished that it could last longer. Anyone else feel the same way after your cycle ended?

  2. To be honest I don't like being off cycle ever.

  3. Coming off cycle is definitely difficult. I ended up on a 5 weeker SD run instead of my planned 4 because I didn't want to come off, but my body was telling me otherwise. Hopefully you have a good pct to get things working again. The emotions will only last a couple weeks then you can focus on keeping your gains. Good luck!

  4. Have tamoxifen, pct revolution black, and daa for pct.

  5. I used clomiphene and tamoxifin for my pct on super DMZ, but due to my circumstances at the time didn't take in anywhere near as many cals as I should have. I ended up keeping like 7 pounds, but never lost the strength.. Maybe even got stronger during pct somehow?

  6. Depends on the cycle some cycles were heavy and hard and by the end I was lIke damn I'm glad I'm off do enough years and your body tells u when u need a break

  7. Sometimes it takes a little something extra in pct to get that drive going in the gym as well. I am in pct right now from a 7 week DMZ cycle that was beyond awesome. But the combination of Olympus Labs Conqu3r and SNS X-Gels has me as pumped and intense in the gym as I was on cycle. This is by far the best pct I've ever run because of it.

    But to answer your question, yes it's normal to get the blues when coming off.


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