Aminos on cycle

  1. Aminos on cycle

    I was curious as to if and how much amino acids are necassary while on cycle? Currently running Epi and taking BCAA, Glutamine, Taurine and Multi V. Any input would be greatly appriciated!!!

  2. Glutamine is useless and take the recommended dosage of bcaa's during a workout or between meals.

  3. Well it's not useless but you get plenty of you eat food

  4. I like glutamine for PCT, seems to help recover from workouts better and decreases DOMS, but everyone is different.

  5. Thanks for the insight! I wasnt really sure if it was overkill or not. Ill just stick to the BCAA for now and take the Glutamine post cycle. Whats a good recommended dosage for Taurine? I get some pretty gnarly back pumps, I take 1000mg at the moment, before and after my workouts.



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