P-mag Cycle 1st timer

  1. P-mag Cycle 1st timer

    So i have been reading a lot on thousands of different opinions and suggestions and I have gathered my own recipe for a first time cycle i was thinking about trying out. Please give me your thoughts. Any info will be appreciated.
    I really wish i didnt have to deal with the serm. is a serm completely necessary for p-mag?

    p-mag Cycle
    ⁃ week 1/2 - CEL cycle assist
    ⁃ week 3/4/5/6/7 - P-Mag 50/75/75/75/75 with CEL cycle assist, fish oil
    ⁃ week 8/9/10/11 - nolva 20/20/10/10 + Powerlab Nutrition - Post Cycle II

  2. Good Job. And yea u should have a serm. U don't know how prone to Gyno nor how pmag will effect u since this is your first cycle

  3. Looks great, nice job doing your homework.

  4. Thanks guys i just needed some confirmation haha before i went out and spent my money

  5. Quote Originally Posted by here4theInfo
    Thanks guys i just needed some confirmation haha before i went out and spent my money
    Good to go brother id pick up some taurine to I'm in week 5 of h-drol and back pumps and calf pumps are brutal I used to run a lot and can't even fun two minutes now. The taurine has helped a lot though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by shawnjawn69
    Running p-mag with 11-oxo right now, and loving it... so will you if you run it right. Start at 75 run it up to 100-125 if you dont have sides...
    run it for 5 weeks, don't get disappointed, like i did when it wasn't working at first, it starts to kick in at about the start of the 3rd week, i am a 3 and a half weeks in and up 6+lbs
    Nice man that's what I'm running with h-drol. I'm doing a 8 week, started with oxo for three weeks then brought in the h-drol for the last 5 weeks stacked with the 11-oxo. I just wish I had more time to work out I have a 7 month old and a 5 year old so gets hard to get to the gym without the wife bitching all the time ha ha. I'm in my last week right now I was hoping to cut but when I look in the mirror I look bulkier idk I was hoping the oxo would help the fat gain but I've definantly gained some fat too. What dose you running the oxo at?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by shawnjawn69

    bumper about not being able to hit the gym, started the 11-oxo a little later, since i hadnt planned on running it until into my first week of cycle... i am going 300/500-600/500-600/500-600... loving the stack so far, currently up 7.8 lbs
    Nice man what about body fat have u noticed a drop yet from the oxo what brand oxo u using?


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