Whit's SD/EPI/4ad RDe Cycle!

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  1. Congrats!!! Subbed to watch the cycle.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    just dont work out that one side. ull be huge with one tiny limb. it'll be totally beast
    ha yeah I dont think so, im not trying to look like a trex with little vestigial arms lol...

  3. I think I'll keep this thread going since my whole plan is laid out. Just took my new born home from the hospital. I may start this rampage tomorrow but I'm thinking it's better to start fresh with a week off of training Sunday. Plus, I need a good couple more days to preload. Hospital food was horrible lol!!

  4. Starting PICS!! Sorry for the amateur photos since I went solo on them. I feel real soft. I will get exact weight Sunday at the gum but probably 203ish, no clue on body fat %. Haven't worked out really in two weeks since my focus was on my new born, but here we are:

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  5. Looking good bro!!! Great base! Should be an awesome cycle
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  6. Thanks man... Sooo close I can taste it.

  7. calves are looking good. some strong shoulder work would set off your upper body. and deadlifts would help your quads and lower back. you have a great base, you should be looking like a 5'10 version of the hulk in 2 months

  8. Yup, I got to get back into deads again at least for some reps. I had torn a hammy pulling some heavy weight a few months back which put me out of commission for a while. Got to work a bit on form and warm up more before I do them. Thanks for the props. Now 2 days away!

  9. Lookin good bro!!! Let's put on some mass
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  10. F... yeah, only another 50-60lbs to catch you!

  11. 24hrs and counting.....

  12. Let's do this
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    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  13. I'm a kill this ****!!! Just got to focus on my diet to maximize gains.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by wrxwhit View Post
    I'm a kill this ****!!! Just got to focus on my diet to maximize gains.
    and sleep, good luck getting that with a new born, haha

  15. Thank god for boobies, but I do get up to help changing diapers and what not

  16. Good luck on the sleep- we lucked out my kid has slept 8-10 hrs a night since 2 months, minus the odd nightmare or "i just sh1t my pants and it BURNS!!!!!" cant blame him for those though. But its allllllllll worth it man, just to see them smile at ya
    Life is cold, short, and brutal
    Training log -

  17. ABSOLUTELY !!!!

  18. I'll be watching ya too I started a SD/Epi cycle (day 3) myself. And I had my second lil girl June 22nd.

    Kind of crazy similar lol.

    You might also look at AI Cycle support. It's BP/Prostate/and liver support. And it tastes terrible so you know it's good lol.

  19. Yeah bro, nice!! Love my little ones. Best thing that could ever happen to me. I did see ur log I think. I'll ck it out. Thx for coming along. Just hope sides aren't to bad doing two methyls. I'm gonna kill liv support/cycle assist etc. We will see!

  20. Yeah I'm there with ya. I got a gallon jug of water to work and make my self drink it there then fill it up again at home and try and get through it again. I ran SD at 30mg a while ago and didn't have sides or liver issues. I'll just be watching closing as I'm sure you will be too.

  21. Wake up bitach, it's time to take some roids!

  22. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179
    Wake up bitach, it's time to take some roids!
    This!!! Bitch :-)
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  23. In this shizznit!!
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  24. This motha fuk right here... We're waiting.

  25. Pop those pills bro...get on it!!


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