Max Strenght and Definition Cycle

  1. Max Strenght and Definition Cycle

    HI all

    I'm new on this forum so wanna say Hallo to everyone here

    I just wanna strenght and definition so this is my plan for next cycle

    Anavar (oxy)

    1-2 30mg ed
    3-6 45mg ed


    1-2 45mg ed
    3-6 60mg ed

    T3 (cytomel)
    2-3 45 ed
    4-5 60 ed
    5-6 45 ed

    Do you think it will work well?

    Thats my second cycle : first done on anavar only for strenght gain

    I'm training for 2 years but not forcing myself just steady HST (BF 18%) going to do aero eod + every day training def + strenght eod.

    Please post your ideas.

    Don't wonna anymore mass or size just strenght and def>>> diet on mind

  2. 6'1 91lbs? uhh what?

  3. Sorry :P

    I live in Europe so wrote all data in kg/cm(m) LOL

    BTW main reason I've chosen them 2 "LIttle helpers" is no water retention and quite good impact on strenght

    P.S Any PCT needed? As far I'm aware both aren't blocking HTPA or convert to estro....

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