sup nigs and niggettes, tommorrow will be day ne of a six week cycle of epi. it will go as the following:


along with cycle assist, multis, fish oil and the norm. taurine 3 grams a day as needed
pct will consist of nolva 20/20/10/10 along with erase after week 2, and daa

diet will be something like this

meal 1atmeal, 4 hard boiled eggs, almonds
meal 2:bag of brown rice (about 300 cals worth), 2 chicken breast patty, 1 apple and a serving of spinach and carrots
meal 3:2 pieces whole wheat bread, 4 hard boiled eggs, more brown rice, and trail mix
meal 4: 2 tbls peanut butter 2 serv. baby spinach, 1 big can of tuna (300 cal one) whole wheat bread
meal 5:big can of chicken breast, ,atural almonds, 2 tbs peanut butter
meal 6:1/4 tub low fat cottage cheese 2 servings of almonds, chicken breast patty

im open for suggestions for subbing in meals, and its just a basic guideline. ill be subbing whole wheat pasta a couple days a week instead of brown rice, and will also be drinking ample enough water and milk.