HERE WE GO! Methastadrol/H-Plex Stack!

  1. Cool HERE WE GO! Methastadrol/H-Plex Stack!

    Hey, been looking at these boards a while now (like everyone else here). A little background about me, I am a 26 year old former Marine, now Railroad worker for a Tier 1 RR. I am 5'9 and about 205 lbs with about 9 percent BF%( Abs are ALWAYS present). I have basically reached what I think is my "natty" limit. I have been training now since I was about 16, and have made incredible changes in my body, starting at about 140 lbs at 16. I took my first PH when I was 22 (stupid, I should have waited). This will be my 3rd legit "cycle". I have previously used Halodrol as a stand alone, and got about 8-10 lbs which I mostly kept. I then got into Rockhard Formulations, and took Granite-X and Equitren. I had GREAT results with that and gained about 12-14, but didn't know much in the way of SERMS or really how to eat properly on cycle. NOW much more educated (I frequent these boards multiple times daily) and doing my due diligence, I want to take my physique to another level. I decided on Methastadrol(Superdrol Clone from Hard Rock), and to stack that with Halo-Plex(Halo clone also from Hard Rock. I have everything here and my cycle is as follows. I really want to do this right and rock these PH's out.

    PRE-LOAD- CEL cyle assist, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto, Fish Oil, and Liv. 52 I think I covered my bases here.
    Cycle-Methastadrol 20/30/30/30/0/0 Halo-Plex 0/0/50/75/75/75/100/100 (All preload run concurrently with cycle) Dosing seem solid?
    PCT- Clomid 50,50,25,25 (but can get Nolva/Torem) Suggestions? , Kre Alkyn Creatine, White Flood, BCaas, DAA, LeanXtreme

    I lift one body part per day in this split Back/Chest/Off/Legs/Arms/Shoulder/Off. I will post my workouts and weights in my log.

    I also plan on taking in about 4-4500k per day, 350-400g protein and carbs will be between 400-500g( I want to get BIG after all) I am going to be extremely disciplined and eat clean.

    I plan on being meticulous with this log, and will report on anything and everything. I will be posting before pictures shortly. I hope people enjoy my journey on adding some hard earned rock solid muscle! If anyone also has any questions/comments/concerns I am ALL for hearing it. What's the fun in a log if I am talking to myself like Steven Freakin Glansberg? ANY/ALL input is greatly appreciated! Here goes nothing!

  2. Day 1 (Yesterday but I got busy with work so I posted it today)

    Starting Weight 205

    I always start my back workouts with these. I feel they are the most efficient back exercise and a great overall warmup.

    Barbell Rows
    15x95,12x135,12x185,10x225,8x2 45,15x135
    I like to REALLY squeeze these in my mid back, slow and controlled tempo.

    Reverse Cable Lat Pulldowns
    12x85,12x115,12x160,10x175,10x 190,8x205
    I prefer these over traditional lat pulldowns, I like the underhand grip a lot more ALA Dorian Yates. I feel these work a lot back of the back and let me contract my scapula with greater intensity.

    Seated Cable Rows
    15x35,12x50,12x75,12x90,10x110 ,10x125
    Slow and controlled with emphasis on mind/muscle connection.

    One Arm Dumbbell Rows
    12x50, 12x75, 12x90, 10x100,10x110
    I pull these back, instead of straight up, almost like starting a lawn mower. I got that tip from Dave Henry.

    Supported T-Bar Rows
    12x45, 12x90,12x135, 10x180, 10x225

    I normally don't train with THIS much volume, I was more of a HIT trainer. Now that I am back on cycle, I decided to take a more traditional BB approach to this. I already would be considered by many to be fairly strong in my lifts, but there is always room for improvements. I could really care less about the actual weights, I just want the BEST possible mind/muscle connection possible and to have the best looking physique possible.I really want to bring up everything overall, so I will hit everything as hard and as often as I can while I have the benefits of the extra strength and stamina. Hopefully with a solid PCT I am able to accomplish my goals. Hope you guys enjoy the ride as much as I do!

  3. First off I like ur cycle, risky but u should really get good keep able gains... But why r u only doing 4 pull ups 15 times.

  4. Hey, yeah it's def. not a beginner cycle, but I have been training pretty hardcore for almost 8 years now. I HOPE I am able to keep most gains! I have heard a bunch of diff. things about Superdrol clones. And for the pullups, that's 4 sets of 15 pullups each with bodyweight, I should have clarified!

  5. Day 2


    Incline Barbell Bench
    12x135,12x185,12x225,10x245,8x 275,15x135
    I prefer to start with and focus on incline movements for chest. Never can have enough upper chest. I alternate between BB and DB.

    Barbell Bench Press
    12x135,12x185,12x225,12x275,10 x315,15x135
    Again, nice slow and controlled movement focusing on mind/muscle connection. Even on presses, I like feeling the muscle do the work, I'm not an ego lifter.

    Hammer Strength Incline Machine (Plate Loaded)
    15x2 plates, 15x4 plates, 12x3 plates, 12x4 plates, 12x4 plates
    LOVE the contraction I get from these, my upper chest was ridiculously pumped.

    Cable Fly

    Bodyweight Dips
    4 sets, 15 reps each

    Overall, another INTENSE workout. I am already fully on the placebo alpha male effect in the gym. I can't imagine what happens when I start actually seeing gains and my body getting bigger. No sides, and I plan on sticking to my 20,30,30,30 dosing until I bridge to Halo-Plex. My diet was on point today, and that's the aspect I am focusing on most. I am eating NON-STOP, my girlfriend has been commenting if I am training for an eating contest. My main sources of protein are Sirloin/Chicken/extra lean ground beef. I am sticking to Sweet potatoes, White/red potatoes, and rice for my carbs. I do eat 2 cups of Oatmeal every morning w/ Egg whites as well. I am at about 8-9 percent body fat (Clear abs) so I want to stay relatively lean.I can't WAIT for legs tomorrow! "If you can't flex it, don't carry it" -Lee Haney

  6. Well, impromptu off day yesterday. Was supposed to be legs, but I helped a buddy move last minute instead. Being a good samaritan is gettin' in the way of my gains! I will be destroying legs later today and will post my workout and diet later tonight.


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