Hey i've run a cycle of epi 40/40/50/50/50 and pct afterwards all is well lost only 4lbs from the 12-13 i gained some is fat but i was trying to bulk. I want to run a pro-stanivar cycle 2 pills a day for 4 weeks i will start hawthorn berry 2 weeks before and red yeast rice and continue taking them during the cycle. I also take my multi vitamin and fish oil along with flaxseed oil vitamin c and vitamin d. I will add competetetive labs cycle assist when i start the stanivar. For pct will take nolvadex 20/20/10/10 in the second week i will start taking bromo 6 one scoop a day, then when the nolvadex is done i will add my testbooster jacked3d or titatium xl not sure yet along with my creatine and preworkout drink. I started the epi cycle march 13 and i will start the stanivar probably in the begin of august. I started taking clen today and i will do it for 2 weeks then i will be off 2 week then back again for 2 weeks. How's that sound what do the experianced think?