Whats your take on tren?

  1. Whats your take on tren?

    IM thinking of of trying tren but I've heard there's a few bad side effects anyone with experience with tren care to chime in

  2. Theoretically Trenazone has less sides because it's transdermal
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    IM thinking of of trying tren but I've heard there's a few bad side effects anyone with experience with tren care to chime in

  3. My advice is to start out at a low dose... say 50mg/ed to assess the side effects. I've run it up to 150mg/ed and the only real side I got was the night sweats. It effects some people differently though. It is a substance that is known for causing roid rage... severe in some cases. Also got to watch the BP close. I strongly suggest to run test with it at at least 250mg/week. I usually run it higher than that, but there are several threads here now that say more tren sides kick in if you run high dose of test with it.. they are suggesting low dose. Use the search function here, tren is something you really want to research before you jump in. I also strongly suggest starting out with Tren Ace, that way if you have a problem with it, it clears your system in about 24-36 hours unlike Tren E which can take weeks to clear.

  4. Thanks mate will do I'm running 500mg/wk of test e right now with 40mg a week dbol I've studied a lot on tren I've heard it'll cut you up really well so I wanted experienced opinions on it

  5. Tren is really good **** as long as your not one of the people that get bad sides form it.. Like RedWolf says it affects everyone different. Ive ran a Test/Tren cycle got a few pimples night sweats and thats about it. My buddy ran the same cycle and he looked like a walking zit!! Lol TSart it at a low dose and see what kind of sides you experience before jumping into a high dose!

  6. Think I'm gonna try ace out low dose if I don't turn into a zit I'll jump up some

  7. Update everyone on your progress. Everyone's body is different. Tren is considered the Big daddy of all and very good if your prone to Gyno. Be aware of the cough. My body was very prone to the tren. dropping 10 pounds of fat while adding a good amount of strength and definition. i suggest first 4 weeks your D bol and Test while maintaining the tren and test for the last 8 weeks. Dont be afraid to add some EQ into the mix for an extra boost. Let us know how it is going


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