Recomendations needed

  1. Recomendations needed

    I am going to a doctor that is giving me 300/ test cyponate and a shot of HCG every week. I usually go for 12 weeks. The doctor says I don't need PCT at the end because the HCG during the cycle takes care of it.
    My first question is:
    Should I go get a PCT on my own or does the HCG really take care of it?
    Second question:
    What you you recommend for me to take with it to maximize results? I'm looking to gain lean mass. I am considering Clem.
    Your opinions are appreciated. I have been reading a lot but I am relatively new to this.

  2. New to this BUT from what I've researched ALWAYS use a pct. Your nuts will appreciate it. HCG once a week probably isnt enough. 250 IU's twice a week seems to be most common. HCG just keeps your nuts producing natural test so they don't shrivel up from not bong used (you stop making natural test while on cycle) You may want some anti-estrogen on hand. And as far as pct goes clomid and Nolva seem to be most popular. Hopefully this helps you out
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  3. You should order PES Erase for an AI. At that low of a dose u don't really need anything stronger. May I ask y the doc prescribed that to u

  4. There are a lot of docs out there now that are prescribing test. Basically they do blood and prescribe the test. It is covered by most insurance. If you are tired, your workouts are lacking, or maybe a low sex drive, and your test levels aren't normally on the high end you are a candidate.

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