What kind of results will i see?

  1. What kind of results will i see?

    So I've decided to start a 6 week cycle of deca and after that do a cycle of Winnie. I am 6ft 181 pounds what kind of results should I see?

  2. Do some more research. U should honestly be taking test with the winny don't do a winny only cycle . It's a waste of time and ur harming ur body for a small amount of definition with no mass gains. And that's if ur diet is spot on . As for ur 6week add some t3 and Clen and ULL get LEAN MASS GAINS. Otherwise if u run what u have posted results will be min

  3. Also what the hell r u talking about u need to run a pct after a cycle of aas ur going to get shutdown do more research bro ur wasting ur time here asking half azzed questions

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