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  1. Exclamation Need advice, and questions answered

    Hey guys, so I'm new to all this. I'm around 145lbs and about 5'8. I want to start my first cylce. I want to use danabol ds 20mg a day but am not sure for how long, or what to use post Cycle. Nolvadex? Clomid? Hgc? How much? Help???? I know there's teste shrink involved but know hgc helps with that. Any advice is appreciated thanks!

  2. Why do these threads always pop up at 1 in the morning?

  3. My question exactly. Someone sold some to him at a bar. Oh wait, he's not 21 yet!

  4. It's called food and a proper training regime.

  5. I didn't write this post to get criticized. I only wanna do a 4-6 week cycle and don't want to hurt my body. That's why a assumed somone on here could give me the proper advice.

  6. We're not suppose to give advice to anyone under 21 anyway. If you only weigh 145 pounds you obviously still have a ways to go with proper training and dieting before getting involved with this stuff.

  7. Alright well thanks anyways.


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