First Cycle Tren to reach genetic potential

  1. First Cycle Tren to reach genetic potential

    Im gonna do this short and sweet. I am 22 years old, 6'4'', 236 pounds, mesomorphic, and 12-13% (im pretty sure thats what it is as my abs are faintly visible not flexing)
    I was 305 pounds and 6'1'' at 17 and through hardwork and a final growth spurt 18 months later i was 6'4'' and 185 pounds skinny as **** but still broard shouldered. I decided to take up lifting. Over the last 3 and a half years i have lifted like a fanatic, eaten great nutriton resulting in my all natural current stats. I give this background info to avoid the comments about dedication or hardwork as i know exactly what those two things are. Mid August i will begin my first and only steroid cycle. My goal is to achieve and maintain my true genetic potential. The cycle will be 6 weeks long
    Tren Ace 50 mg Ed to keep blood levels stable
    Test Prop 50 mg EOD this is only to have some test in my system to keep my sex drive alive and keep me receptive to test during PCT because of total shutdown caused by Tren.
    Masteron 50 mg EOD to act as a weak anti estrogen for any aromatization by Test Prop.
    HCG 500 iu injected intermittenly for the first 4 weeks and often during the last 2 weeks i will stop iu injections 3 days prior to final tren/test/masteron injection to allow it to clear over the next 6 and 3 days after the final tren/test/masteron i will begin PCT with clomid.
    Please advise and comment fellow members of the brotherhood of iron.

  2. Well I hope that from the lack of replys this cycle is in agreement with the sensibilites of all those that have viewed this thread.

  3. need advice with cycles

    I have been on and off ,mostly on with sustajt 200mg q week with tren 200mg q week for god knows some time now may be 3-4 months. ,but it seems fruitless. I am beginning ti think it is fake stuff. Then I got some gear from another source that seems to work starting this week. Any advice how I should start tern with sustajet And I am not taking any anti estrogen.thks

  4. Dude.. 3 compounds for a first cycle? With Tren in it? I think you need to re consider.. You dont have experience pinning and you're gonna be pinning ED?

  5. So ur only doing a PCT because ur taking tren ? So if u weren't taking tren u wouldn't do a PCT I'm guessing from that statement pretty stupid do some research man on test prop and the other stuff ur taking u shouldn't be running aas at that age anyways ur test levels are prolly through the roof but ignorance is contagious these days



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