First Time Cycle Advice

  1. First Time Cycle Advice

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping to get some much needed advice/recommendations about my upcoming (first) prohormone cycle. I am 25, 6ft and 86kgs. I am hoping to increase my strength and gain some mass--> mainly to bust through some long standing plateus. I have been training for 3 years.
    I recently purchased 2 botles of ESTs Propradrol (the original formula).

    My cycle would be as follows.
    Pre-load of Life support for 2 weeks. (I also take a multivitamin, fish oil, CLAs, Sesamin and Vitamin D supplemetns daily.
    Week 1 - Propradrol 60mg
    Week 2 - Propradrol 60mg
    Week 3- Propradrol 90mg
    Week 4- Propradrol 90mg, Aromx-RD
    Week 5-Aromx-RD
    Week 6- Aromx-RD
    Week 7- Aromx- RD ,Advanced PCT
    Week 8- Aromx-RD, Advanced PCT
    Week 9- 12 Advanced PCT.

    I was hoping to get some advice from your guys regarding if you think this appropriate and any tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again

  2. You seem to have forgotten a SERM , that PCT is usually 4 (and sometimes 5) weeks long...and that 4 weeks on Propa would not yield enough time to make solid gains. Check this threads out for the advice you seek please:

    PCT: What, Why, and How!

    And even consider this:
    Unreal's Guide to Injectables
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. Thanks Celorza,

    What type of SERM would you suggest? Clomid or something milder? Would you suggest taking it with Aromx-rd and PCT assist?


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