I've ran Helladrol alone for my 1st cycle about a year and a half ago and saw positive results. A good friend of mine gave me a bottle of Epi he doesn't plan on using because his wife (Newlywed) frowns upon PHs. I guess a happy wife means a happy life right?

Anyway, I would like to run a 6-week cycle of the two, Hella being 50/75/75/75/100/100 but for Epi I'm not sure what the right dosage would be if I'm taking the two together the whole cycle, maybe Epi 30/40/50/50/60/60 depending on sides of running the two together

I will be using proper cycle supports and preloading on BP and Liver supps. PCT will include Torem possibly at 120/90/60/30 some DAA and Erase

Just looking for some insight on anything I may have overlooked or any personal experience anyone may have had with Epi