first test enanthate cycle advice

  1. first test enanthate cycle advice

    Hi. I'm 23 years old, 245 lbs and 15 percent bodyfat. About 3 months ago I finished a cycle of injectable winny and now want to try a cycle of test enanthate only. I am super paranoid about screwing myself up and am trying to see what you guys would recomend to take with the test E. I'm going to do 10 weeks. Debating on one injection a week or monday and thursday. Just wanting a slight bump to my training. I have some arimadex and was considering clomid/nolva for pct. I've heard hcg is great to run but I don't know where to get my hands on that. Any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

  2. Well we can't tell you were to get stuff. But we would sure like to help you out on your cycle. A serm is must (nolva/clomid) i recommend nolva. I would just run test e pin 2x a week 250mg each, 500mg/week. You have an AI for during cycle that's good. For HCG i would run the last week of cycle and 1 week while ester clears. So weeks 10 and 11 HCG Dosed @ 500iu ED. Pct starting week13.

  3. i meant help on my cycle in general. lol. so should I run clomid and nolva? or just nolva? and should I try and get some hcg or do you think ill live without it?

  4. I recommend nolvadex. i would try and get some.

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