Next Cycle

  1. Next Cycle

    I just came off a 6 week cycle of 1THP started at weight of 219 now at 227 so I'm fairly happy. That is before I found this forum now I am asking what do you think my next cycle should be? I am a powerlifter looking for strength gains period, I have 15lbs to play with to still be in my weight class, all suggestions welcomed. Thanks

  2. i would say use mainly 1-test as it produces the best strength gains in my opinion, but throw in a little 4-ad to keep up libido, and combat lethargy. this will also help keep u're gains lean, so u wont have to drop much fat or water post cycle.

  3. I was looking at the lotions would T-1 pro, or T-1 be better for strength gains again no worries over being cut or ripped?

  4. using t-1 pro myself right now..very good for strength ,kicks in after firast week with me..a rep extra here and such

  5. Ok please bear with me I'm not stupid just want to get this right. How many sprays do I use, how many times a day? Also it sounds like the DMSO come separetly, do I apply DMSO first then spray on the 1-T pro or can I pour the DMSO in the 1-T pro bottle?

  6. Bulldog.. no one is going to think you are stupid. As for number of sprays.. I think there is a thread somewhere on here about how many you need per ml. And the DMSO does come seperate, you just add it to the bottle when it gets to you house.


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