realsounddjim's cycle m1t-s1+andm1,4

  1. realsounddjim's cycle m1t-s1+andm1,4

    sorry for not creating a log for this. didnt reallly have the time. but i figure i will write and give a summary of the cycle and gains, etc for others to use for reference. Just completed an 8 week cycle: weeks 1-2 m1t 5mgs, s1+ 6 squirts. weeks 3-8 m1,4 and 6 squirts s1+
    peek weight was a 9pound increase from start. week and a half into pct have kept 7 pounds, however i do notice a drop in size. not as full as during cycle. thats to be expected though. strength went through the roof while on, and has stayed relatively near the same during this pct, however i do noticed it has lowered a little, and my energy has lowered as well as intensity in the gym. again, thats to be expected. have lowered my training and volume for the next month during my pct. My or may not be my last cycle ever, due to the looming ban. we shall see hope this helps some people. enclosed are some pics mid cycle
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  2. was this the same cycle as the s1+, m,14ad cycle log or was this another cycle after that one?

  3. different cycle than the one i wrote the log for. this cycle differs in the fact of the front loading of m1t

  4. how'd you like the m1t frontload?

  5. it was kick ass. the m1t defnitely jumpstarted the gains nicely. i didnt feel like i had to wait till week 3 or 4 to begining seeing gains or results. by the end of week one i felt "on"

  6. just curious, because i started seeing results from m1,4add from day 3 or 4.

  7. i didnt see gains as quickly as you, but i still think that i had relatively quick gains. i mean, to notice changes within 2 weeks i think is pretty quick. what was ur dose?

  8. What was your dosage on the m1,4?

  9. 60 then went up to 90 mg most of the way

  10. Cool. I am on day 13 of:
    20mg M1T
    8 pumps 1-T Hydroxytest
    8 pumps 4AD+

    5'9" - went from 159 to 171 on the 10th day. Still steady at 171 - killer swole. I am going to bump off the M1T tomorrow. I was going to finish the next 2 weeks with the 1-T/4AD, but looking at your thread, I think I will start up with 1,4,add to complete the cycle. Is that Omega sports you were using?

  11. i was actually using higher power brand


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