First cycle need feedback

  1. First cycle need feedback

    Hey guys been working out for 3 years straight. 5 9 170 lb. this will be my first injectable cycle please need feedback n comments

    Im gunna do test e 2 shots per week for 10 weeks 250 mg per shot
    Also with anavar
    Going to have armidex erase daa and n2 guard for pct

    Just not sure how to run the armidex?
    How does this sound?

  2. need a serm. no serm no cycle!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gregg1494 View Post
    need a serm. no serm no cycle!

    And don't run anavar. First cycles should be ran with one compound only because you have no idea how your body is going to take to either, so if a complications presents itself, how are you going to know which to stop using? Test E first and then anavar + test e the 2nd time. Start the Adex at .5mgs e3d starting the 3rd week of your cycle. Add nolva or clomid into your PCT. It'd be wise to throw HCG in there at 250iu e3d starting the 3rd week as well.
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  4. Sounds good. Thanks

  5. Hey guys this might be a dumb question but on the test bottle the plastic piece comes off the top ? Then u push needle thru middle?

  6. Yes, the plastic piece is just a secured cap. Break it off carefully and then there will be a rubber middle piece surrounded by a fixed metal cap. Plunge the needle through the middle of the rubber piece every time.
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  7. How many mg for the nolva per day and how long?

  8. 40/20/20/10 seems like the most common route

  9. So thats mg per week. So it would be 4 weeks

  10. Exactly.

  11. If i do clomid instead would i run it the same?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by rizzo View Post
    If i do clomid instead would i run it the same?
    No, clomid is used at higher doses. I dose it like this:

    100mgs days 1-5
    50mgs weeks 2-3
    25mgs week 4
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  13. How many mgs is the pill? Usually

  14. Do u guys know if theres a british dragon clomid

  15. So i have been reading a lot on thousands of different opinions and suggestions and I have gathered my own recipe for a first time cycle i was thinking about trying out. Please give me your thoughts. Any info will be appreciated.
    I really wish i didnt have to deal with the serm. is a serm completely necessary for p-mag?

    p-mag Cycle
    ⁃ week 1/2 - CEL cycle assist
    ⁃ week 3/4/5/6/7 - P-Mag 50/75/75/75/75 with CEL cycle assist, fish oil
    ⁃ week 8/9/10/11 - nolva 20/20/10/10 + Powerlab Nutrition - Post Cycle II

  16. Whats better pinning at night or in morning?

  17. Why do u have two threads going with the same questions?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by cokeholio
    Why do u have two threads going with the same questions?
    Prob cause you didn't answer his question the first time


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